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Old fashioned household remedies and hints

I remember reading in my old Girl Guide book in the 70's that lemon juice was good for whitening playing cards and grains of salt were put inside salt cellars to prevent the salt from caking.

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Countryside Weather Lore

Before we had the sophisticated methods of weather forecasting, those who worked on the land or at sea would have other methods of predicating the weather by observing changes in nature and in the sky. There are still some people who still use these methods.

Here are some weather proverbs:

Red sky at night shepherd's delight, red sky in the morning sailors warning.

The North wind blow and we shall have snow.

When summer birds take their flight the season goes with them.

Ring around the moon, snow soon.

If there be a rainbow in the eve it will rain and leave.

Rain before seven, fine after eleven. Fine before seven, rain after eleven.

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h2g2's NaJoPoMo 2014

Hello I am taking part in the h2g2's NaJoPoMo 2014 where I endeavour to write one journal every day for 30 days.

I am interested in the origin of every day phrases and the history behind them and one word can have several different meanings depending on where you live in the UK. When my grandfather was going to work, he said the was taking his bait with him. He was not referring to fishing bait but his packed lunch. Here are few unusual words and phrases: aboot for about, clart for "mud" as in "there's clarts on yar boots" and marra - Friend. Used like "mate" - al'reet marra.

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Norse Mythology/Tolkien

I am doing a short course where I am researching Norse Mythology and I would like to know if anyone can help me as their is a lot of contradictory information and when I read I get more confused than I started with especially interpretations of the Prose Edda and the Poetic Edda. I know that there are now followers of the Asatru religion and wonder if there are any h2g2 that can help me.

I am interested in the Smillarion and I have tried several times to read it but have given up as it very hard going. Please can anyone share their thoughts on the book.

Thank you

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Jimcracker's birthday today.

Jimcracker7 who is celebrating his 67 birthday. He regularly telephones me every day. Please can you add your birthday wishes to him here. He well able to read the messages. He does go on h2g2 but only when he goes to the internet cafe or public library.

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