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What will take for the British isles and Ireland to have a cold winter

Being an island does not help our chances and where we are. The British Isles and Ireland would have to be pushed further away from the European continent and be pushed further north, nearby Iceland.

Or the following conditions will greatly improve our chances:

The Icelandic volcanoes need to erupt all at once.

There needs to be a very early and intense sudden stratospheric warming event taken place in early November. It has to be strong enough to obliterate the polar vortex winds.

There needs to be 31 foggy days or nights and 31 frosty or nights in October.

There has to be intense Northern blocking over Scandinavia.

There has to a weak El Nino event.

We need to be in an easterly Quasi biennial oscillation.

There needs to have been a strong Atlantic hurricane season.

The North Pacific waters between Alaska and Russia need to be much colder and that the cold water will need to spread throughout the whole of the North Pacific ocean. It would help if there were sea ice covering the North Pacific.

There should be sea ice between Greenland and Iceland as well as the sea ice forming bridging the Svalbard and Scandinavian gap.

There needs to be a North Atlantic tripod in May.

There needs to a very rapid progress of snow cover in November that fills the whole of Scandinavia and Russia by the first or second week of November and keep on increasing throughout the month of November into Eastern and into Central Europe.

The jet stream should be go far south to the Mediterranean Sea/North Africa.

We also need to be going out of Solar minimum.

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November Create Challenge: NaJoPoMo Weather forum antics

It's that time year at the weather forums where the battle between those who love cold weather and those who love mild weather starts. Here is a story (exaggerated) of what it could be like. I am sorry I am a day late but I will make it up today as I have just finished my online weather course.

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Longing for rain and cooler temperatures

We are heading in a solar minimum and yet in the British Isles, Ireland, Northern and Western Europe have been experience record high temperatures and a severe lack of rain. This summer seems like it is never going to end with the constant heat and high humidity it is making it unbearable. I live in a cold building and I cannot keep cool. Usually when it is very hot, it is very cool inside, but not this time. All I am looking forward to is cooler temperatures, thunderstorms with plenty of rain or at least seasonable temperatures and seasonable weather.

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NaJoPoMo Winter Holiday Season Mayhem

This the time of year that I dread the most, as I seem never to be prepared enough. I always worry that I have that my presents won't get there on time or be liked. Wrapping up presents is a nightmare as I cannot cut paper straight even with a ruler. This year I have managed to post my Christmas cards abroad in plenty of time and I have plucked up the courage to shop online for gifts. I wonder if anyone like me finds piped Muzak annoying as when I ever especially listen to it, (especially Christmas themed songs) which play in a continuous loop in my head for hours on end.

I am quite fastidious about mince pies and I prefer the mini ones with varied toppings of dried fruit, nuts and other types of toppings. The supermarket that I usually sell them does not sell it any more. Last year when I went to the store in late November all of the mini mince pies were sold out which seems strange that they should stop supplying a popular make of mince pies. So I have a choice of two supermarkets to get them one a two bus ride away and the other one bus ride away. I just hope that they don't sell out.

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NaJoPoMo entry - Over the top and hysterical weather reports in newspapers, especially the tabloid ones

It starts every year in October and the headlines and news stories are so over the top and hilarious. Stating that there will be blizzards lasting several months and that the country from Lands End to John O'Groats will be blanked in very deep snow or that there will be hurricanes and floods all over the country and then changing their mind again saying that we will be having a heat wave.

I never take them seriously as they are so funny and they would make a great plot line for a comedy sketch. All I can say that the reporters or the people that they get the dire weather predications from should become comedians as they are unintentionally very funny. I wonder if the UK is the only country to have bizarre and exaggerated weather stories reported in their newspapers.

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