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Back in Black!

Okay as of................ now I am listening to BiB as well as calling my journal entry that!

So here I am. Skenvoy! Back again! Hopefully for more than 3 posts! (this is post 2 so it is possible!)

What have I been up to? Well I'm now in York (took me long enough) and studying glorious Philosophy smiley - biggrin

Have met lots of nice new people here, who are currently making me chocolate cornflake cakes (or at least they better be making me some as they have my cornflakes... I wanted them for breakfast tomorrow!)

My freshers week passed in a blur, and far too slowly at the same time! Strange experiences! Had many gigs etc to attend, and the obligitory Slag and Drag night, so yes, I dressed in drag, and yes, there are pictures!

Well here we go... another h2g2 career restarting... don't think I'd forgotten you all! I just haven't had much net access till now!


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Futures changed with the flick of a pen...

Well I've just heard from my school about my Philosophy and Ethics re-mark. My paper has gone up 19% taking me clearly into an A! smiley - smiley

What shocks me most is the fact that due to "examiner error" (a nice ambiguous term) my mark changed that much. I was lucky in that I made it into York with my grades, and the lower mark I was origianlly given didn't hamper that. Its worrying that there may be other people who didn't get into their first choice uni due to an error of the type I just encountered. I still haven't heard about the History re-mark (from the same exam board) and I'll let you know when I do!

Anyway, I'm currently in the process of getting ready for Uni. I don't go till Oct 9th but I'm trying to get as much done now as possible so I don't have a last minute rush of forms to fill in, shopping trips to go on etc. As you can tell all is fun in the life of Sken!


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Skenvoy's A level results (TBC)

Yes you read that right, my results are (partially) to be confirmed, I'll explain why lower down...

So I woke up yesterday morning and went downstairs to find two envelops... one from UCAS, one from York Uni. Kinda ruined part of the surprises in store for me as the fact I had the letters told me I had made it into York! But the actual grades were still going to be a surprise.

So I went up to school, stood in line, got my year book, stood in another line and got my results.

The first two I saw were
History: B
Philosophy and Ethics: B

Now that amazed me (and not for good reasons!). History I wasn't bothered about at the time. But my Philosophy grade did amaze me! It turned out the paper I should have done best on out of all my subjects, that I've consistently outperformed on in practice essays in class I'd only gotten a 56/90 for smiley - erm... so as I'm only 4 marks off an A overall in that subject I want to know what went wrong in that paper as it is the one that has dragged me down! My school has suggested a remark (which I think is going to happen, hence that grade is now TBC!), but whatever happens I want to see the paper so I can know what went wrong; as I'm taking Philosophy at York I really wanna know how/if I mucked up. Strangely everyone I know at my school had the same thing happen to them - no one I've spoken to got above 60! So either something very strange has gone on at the OCR marking centre or our teacher isn't as good as we think (that option is supported by my parents who never liked him).

Also my history teacher has said she is getting my history coursework remarked. Personally I'm not bothered about the grade - York only wanted ABB and my grades had gotten me in - but the thing is she'd marked my coursework as an very high A and they'd given me a C/D for it! So she wants to know if her marking is off! Again if that turns out to be an error or something that B will become an A! So another grade TBC!

My other subjects (Maths and Biology) I got A's in. In fact I later realised (once I'd finally stopped wondering what I'd done wrong on my Philosophy paper and my history teacher had spoken to me about how she wanted to get my coursework remarked) that I'd aced a paper in each of those two subjects smiley - blush.

So in conclusion I'm very happy with my results smiley - biggrin Making it into York is the main thing, but I really wanna know what I did wrong on Philosophy... so I'll keep you all updated as to what remarks decide, but for now I'm going to York smiley - biggrin *dances*


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Skenvoy returns! Anyone still remember me?

So... Hi!
I'm back all! Who else is still here? What is going on? What have I missed? What haven't I missed? Where are the places where people are currently alive on h2g2? Who has vanished into the ether of the internet? Who has appeared? So many questions and I need the answers!!!!
smiley - biggrin Nice to be back by the way!

So to my (overly long smiley - blush) absence.
Well I originally vanished due to exams. Though to be fair I really could have come on h2g2 during exam time. I'm not sure why I didn't... smiley - erm lets just say I was distracted by msn (yes during exams/revision smiley - tongueout). I *did* do revision by the way! But during my 15 min breaks I was often online, just not here smiley - sorry
Why didn't I come here? What could possibly distract me on msn? What made me write that "WOOHOOOOOetc" journal entry? A girl, and I'll leave it at that! smiley - loveblush
So my exams... well they seemed to go okay! 2 weeks 1 day till I know (18th August... help!). One exam (maths mech 2) I sat down in and had a total mind blank though! Luckily I half recovered and reckon my other two papers were good enough that it won't drag me down too much.
Also the dreaded biology synoptic paper seemed to go really well smiley - biggrin the questions (which many of us were worried about as we had done no practice!) were easy, much easier than some have been in previous years!
Other than that they were fairly standard exams, albiet with 10 of the 12 exams in one week! But they are all over now, and I feel much better because of it!

Since the end of my exams I have started learning to drive and... thats really all the exciting news. Have been meeting up with friends a lot this holiday, which makes sense as after a few months I won't get to see them for a long time! Gonna be strange going off to uni. Luckily I know my h2g2 mates will still be here whereever I go! Thats right people, you can't get rid of me smiley - devil


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I'm not back yet.
I've still only sat one exam.
But right now I feel on top of the world smiley - discosmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - disco
I haven't felt this good in ages... smiley - biggrin
Well... I still have a week till my next exam. So revision will be a major factor in my life but right now even that can't make me feel worse smiley - biggrin

A very VERY hyper ~Skenvoy

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