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Worthy Farm

All hail the beeb..despite living about fifeteen miles from pilton it was once again not my turn to glastonbury.But this year the coverage is so phenominal it makes it almost bearable to be here instead of over theresmiley - biggrin
(Next year I'll be well out of debt for the first time in a while and my kids will be old enough to come with me but of course -no festivalsmiley - wah)

Thankyou bbc we are not in any Worthy...

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Campaign News.

Actual real live 'dad' caused no end of trouble all week. The phonecalls ,the messages! eventually we saw fit to send him a picture of our good selves and have heard nothing since.The blighter had it coming ...I mean one doesn't go around here asking to put a face to every name.

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Dispatch fronm Front Line June 7th

A month since the campaign started.Plan was to attack by Air Sea Web and with a few straggling infantry.Sorties into the Web proving quite fruitful but all recruited infantry completely at Sea .Idea to prolong campaign over Summer months without inducing too amy casualties to recce to report back utterly lost on them.One battalion actually bought an enemy into the camp (the Dad you requested Sah!).A actual prisoner this early on could cause chaos.

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dad not a gaylord

i have been instucted by middle son to go out and find him a new dad.I lean upon the mercy of the court and plead the fifth admendment as to the reason why i have not got off my lardy arse and done this before but mostly if the court might allow i would contest it was because i already have a dad so do not need another one.How does one go about finding a dad that is not a gaylord nor with any luck a manunited supporter for a child of ten.M' lord i must confess that the finding of such a creature fills me with uncommon dread

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Friends,Romans ...

Just a quick hello to say I'm now working ,going to college decorating the house and of course raising three children.And I've still got time to come online and say a quick hello! Ferfacksakewhatsthematterwithallofyous? smiley - pony

Just about to saddle up and round up a group of year threes and take em on down to Wells Cathedral . Oh God!smiley - sadface

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