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The Meaning of Life

No, I'm not talking about 42 or anything like that, as most of you may think. I am talking about something completely different.
I live in a bording school, and here we have something nice called "Erev Kita", which is literaly "Class Evening". Traditionally, every class chooses one evening in which it makes a funny show or few skits and preforms it to the rest of the school, and after it there is usualy a party.
Usualy these performances include a great deal of sarcasm and cynicism, and last year most of them were consisted of laughing at people. But our class decided to go up against it. None of our skits made fun of anyone, and there were very little cynicisn. it was not such a great success, because we wheren't so funny, and because the grade above us (we were 10th graders and youngest) didn't like the idea.

----------TO BE CONTINUED-----------

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@#&$&% Packard Bell!

OK, I decided that I neead some extra GB on my computer. So I bought a new hard drive. This guy comes to set it up, and tells me (after a while) that my BIOS can't recognize a hard drive thats more that 33 GB. Myne ofcourse is 40. Thats not the most annoing part. He also anounces that my mother board is "built in". For those of you that doesn't know what it means (like me some hours ago), it means that all the compunents (like the video card) are welded into the motherboard and i cant change them, unless im willing to be satisfied by a old PCI connected card! Furthermore, if the card is destroyed i have to change the whole motherboard! So, next time you buy a computer, know exacly whats within it!

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Thick As A Brick

I just came back from my uncles house, from which I borrowed the disc Thick As A Brick of Jethro Tull. It contains a single track with the same name (43 minutes!). The wierd thing about this is this "manual" thats at the front cover. it is the first 4 pages of the St. Cleve Chronicles, 7/01/1972, in which the main article is the discualify of Gerald "Little Milton" Bostock, winner of a writing competition for his song, Thick As A Brick, on the basis of him being totaly mad(he is 8 years old and talks like a grown man). This is very convincing, since there are other articles that does not concern the matter, ads and so on. Another wierd thing is that on the back side of the cover it says "Written by Ian Anderson and Gerald Bostock". The whole thing looked very suspicious, so i went on to the net to explore, and found out that Ian Anderson is the main character at the band (he is on-legged and plays the fluet!), and that he was, em, ashamed of the poem so thought of droping the blame on a kid. Still, it's wierd. There is even a photograph at the front page of the paper! This band is wierd, but I like it!

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Ok, Here Goes...

This is the first time I seriously think of starting this journal thing... Lets see if I can keep onto it (it and writing with capitals, EnGlIsH can be so annnoing sometimes!).
So, the time is 00:50 Israel time right now (that's 12:50 PM for all of those who use only 12-hour clocks), and I'm not doing anything this summer, I even haven't gone to work yet! Well, it's not really my fault, see, I work at the Youth Wing at the museum my father works at (as we say here- when you have connections, who needs protections? [it sound a bit better in hebrew, since we use the word "protection" as it is]). Tecnically, I help them with all kinds of stuff at vaccations, and at the summer I was supposed to help with the, how do you call it in English, sort of summer camp, but you don't sleep at it. Anyway, it is only at July, and i have (and had) some stuff that prevented me from coming, trips and such. So they said they'd call me if they need help, but they called only once when i had my finals at computer science! (yes, its at summer). So now I'm bored and waiting for this "Field Course" I go to with my *em, damn I don't know what it's name in English, wait a sec I'll check, here it is! Trailblazers!* Trailblazers group. That will be fun! I think thats enough for today (or tonight, whatever). That's it! Bye! *Go away already!*

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