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At my age?

I've met someone!! She lives thirty miles away - but what the hell. She said she feels as if she's sixteen - God what an embarassment to the young. It feels great though. Let's hope - eh?

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No Horny Woman - try again.

Well I ended the relationship with the kinky boot girl. She was a nice girl to know, but I have to admit the carnal side didn't make up for the lack of interesting conversation. She would talk a lot and in the end I was pretending to listen whils't my mind was elsewhere. It was bound to happen, an unforgettable experience but one that I'm not sure I will repeat. As I'm single someone has fixed me up on a blind date this Sunday with a woman who lives ten miles away. I've exchanged e-mails with her, but I've never been on a blind date before. Don't know what to expect or how to behave. Will I be overdressed or underdressed? Will give it some serious thought. Can't tell anyone at work because, well because they're mostly a bunch of tossers. ttfn.

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No Strike and a horny woman

The result has been made public and we have voted by 0.5% to not go on strike. I'm relieved because strikes are a nasty business, especially here. There are always people who will cross the picket line and the after effects go on for years afterwards. I've even seen people out on the town come to blows over a strike from years before. There's always the group mentality of "what are you talking to them for, don't you know they scabbed on the strike?".
After my relationship with Ms Temperamental finally disintergrated I was out after work having a few drinks on my own when a decidedly gay-looking bloke came and sat next to me. I wasn't scared but I thought "Do I look gay?". However he declared that his friend was rather taken by the sight of me and could she talk to me. She was very attractive and to put it bluntly we didn't get it on but exchanged telephone numbers etc. She lives in another city and a few weeks, calls/letters etc I went to stay at her place. She seems quite quiet and in control but I wasn't prepared for this! No bondage or the ilk but at times I did feel as if I was the star in a porno movie. I was incredibly excited by it all and it occupied my thoughts for days - but I haven't screamed down to see her again. I will, I'm sure but I'm still working it all out in my head. Wow, I've never seen anyone in thigh-length boots with six inch heels!

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FR Name Search

For some reason last night I was thinking about when I first moved to London and was in a houseshare. So I put a guy's name in and besides his name the only thing I knew for certain was where he was from in Scotland. Having a very Scottish name quite a few came up but only one looked likely. Usual stuff, living in Seattle, happily married, three kids etc. So I sent him a short e-mail. Guess what, it's him alright. Yet another bloody success and yet another invite to go and see the palatial home. One of these days I'm going to visit one of these people just to make sure they're as much up there in the stars as they say they are!

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Anthony Burgess Wilson

I feel as if I owe a debt to Burgess. I saw him years ago on a tv interview and he didn't seem the academic type at all - too much working class humour among other things. Because of him I wasn't bothered what people thought about my interest in books, opera and so on. If he could handle it then so could I. I've been trying to write a piece on him for PR, the only troulbe is it's too long. The majority of people who have heard of Burgess only know one thing about him: That he wrote A Clockwork Orange, and then they only know the Kubrick film. It's important to put the record straight on ACO but it didn't dominate his life so why should it dominate the article? Give me a week and I'll par it down to the bones. Sometimes the sheer length of some articles puts me off reading them in PR, I should imagine a lot of other people are the same.

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