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"da, de da de da, de da..

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No doubt a "Anton Kararas" fan,(excuse the spelling). I have the original Zither sheet music don't you know. And if you don't know, then you should be ashamed of yourself Carol, and no I am not calling you a woman. Got it?

Only famous for Cuckoo clocks - surely not...

Pleased to meet you Orson (who you must be if you really are the "third" man). Such visual symmetry near the end - if only that cart did not distract the eye....

I'm sorry, I'm just rambling, but if it makes sense to you, then you know I am not mad, just responding to your interest.

Don't go down to the sewers, it's a labrynthian underworld don't you know?


"da, de da de da, de da..

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the third man(temporary armistice)n strike)

Yes I get the Carol bit, it's actually his voice that does the voice over at the start of the film, he was also Olivers Uncle. As for Anton Karas he gets a bit on the dvd, I think he was actually quite famous for a while. I'll have to wait till I get home to look up your name in The Biblesmiley - smiley

"da, de da de da, de da..

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Having only recently acquired a DVD player (actually I've had it since Christmas, but have only just bought a T.V that it was compatable with) - I have not had the good fortune of viewing "The Third Man" on such a sumptuous format.

However I did study the film for a semester at Uni some years ago now and had the pleasure of viewing it inside a cinema - well actually it wasn't in film format, just through a video projector but pretty impressive to say the least. In fact I think we had to watch it about 3-4 times over 12 weeks, the other weeks were spent analysing it from different perspectives.

I think I did an essay on Alexander Korda (producer) and his influenc e in both the Third Man and British film production of that era. Anyhow I must admit that I was a bit worn out by the countless viewings and I actually thought I was going mad at one point when I heard the theme music emminating in the distance one day from an "ice-cream van". Still it touched a chord.

I'm a bit rusty on details now, haven't seen it for a while.

I do know that the film was commissioned on the basis of a few lines scrawled on the back of an envelope by Graham Green - apparently it was good enough. I think it may be the first lines of dialogue spoken by Joseph Cotten's character - not entirely sure though.

Please don't put yourself out by reading the bible too much to find my name -only did it to sound vaguely interesting....


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