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Connie L

You certainly know this already, but...
"Encounter with remarkable men" (is that the exact title) has a movie adaptation that is splendid !

The atmosphere builts up on details, unfinished discussions and scene you hoped would be explained, and it leaves you with that inexpressible (!) regret that it stopped when you wish it has just started.

IMO, Gurdjieff is not worth studiying if you don't actually practice some of his teaching. The "stop". Keeping yourself awake (or finding yourself asleep!). The mouvements. It make no sense on paper, but it is becomes alive the moment it touches reality.
It gives such a perspective

(Just one warning, though : all the groups I have met so far who were trying to work on this had turn annoyingly extreme, half-obsessed and very aware of their own superiority...)

about Gurdjieff

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the third man(temporary armistice)n strike)

Thanks for the info. Gurdjieff's Sacred Dances would be a big part of any piece. I like his overall methodology, but you may be right about the superiority of some of his supporter groups. Then again Gurdjieff wasn't very modest to say the least.

about Gurdjieff

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Connie L

the third man wrote :"(...)Gurdjieff wasn't very modest to say the least"

True, from what I have heard/seen/read. But although you can expect a master to have his excentricities, to put on an extreme persona when (s)he has to teach students, I don't believe students are entitled to the same.
I have been involved in a few groups working on similar lines (not all of Gurdjieff teaching), and often I can tell when the ego, rather than the necessities of the teaching, shows its uggly head. Not always though, as for some "teachers" the line is a blur, when they are still working on defining it for themselves, stepping in and out of it.

Anyway, cautious steps !

Best of luck in your research.
I'm always available for a chat if you wish.

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