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Im Back.........

Hi again's only me...

Well, I've not been around for a while. Had myself a time out from a few things....tried to get my head straight....not sure if it's better or

What I have done while I've been away is enrolled myself at college, doing an NVQ2 EYCE (Early Years Care and Education 0-7yr olds) little one started nursery so I decided to work with the little blighters!! lmao

Off now to see if things have changed much......see you all around


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Reading RoCkS!!!! 80)

Well, got back in from the day at Reading at 4 this morning, dusty, achy and sang out.

The day started with a set from Bowling For Soup......they made man breasts look fashionable......not sure if it was classed as indecent exposure though guys!!! smiley - yikes

The Datsuns followed.....good set, just not my cup of tea smiley - sorry

Less Than Jake.....SkA gone MaD!!! Quality boys, got the crowd going well, produced some interesting dust circles which had security a bit worried....smiley - laugh

Staind came next with an inpromptu accoustic set brought on by the fact the guitar rig blew.....but It's Been A While and Outside were sang to perfection....that was down to them not my "untuneful" singalong...smiley - biggrin

The Darkness took the main stage then, not originally on the line up, an act pulled out.....but I wouldn't have missed the lycra catsuit for anything!!!! lol.....made Marc Bolan and Freddie Mercury look butch smiley - laugh

Placebo took their turn....excellent set, loved every minute of it....they make skinny and camp look good!! smiley - smiley

Blink 182 have got a definite beastiality fascination...just glad there were no donkeys or dogs around.....fantastic stage show....loved the fireworks and confetti ending.....brought some home, stuck down my top smiley - biggrin

After an unbelievable day of brilliantly performed sets and crowd rousing you'd think it would be hard to follow the others.....but......LINKIN PARK took stage for the last set of the night....what can I say....blown away!!smiley - magic complete adrenalin rush....danced and sang myself out (with my buddy for company).....songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora plus a track thrown in from Reanimation made them, in my opinion, the dogs nuts!!

Well I've got a sore neck (TOOOOO much head banging), achy back, I'm tired and drained.....Got shoved, pushed and crushed.....what can I say.......HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR......smiley - wahsmiley - laugh

This being the first day of the festival the weekend looks to be a blinder......enjoy peeps!!! smiley - biggrinsmiley - cool

xxElsaxxsmiley - fairy

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Latest reply: Aug 23, 2003

3.00am...Insomnias a B***h.....

Oh joy of joys, I have a visitor, their name is "Insomnia".

Although they are a frequent visitor, it has been a few months since they last called on me.

They turned up unexpectedly on Friday and now just won't take the hint and leave, so far I have tried turning all the lights off, putting on some low music, reading and watching dreadful early morning tv but to no avail.

So I've decided to come on here and share with you a joke sent to me earlier, which I unashamedly admit made me literally cry with laughter.

A farmer goes out one morning to find a cow by the shed frozen solid. He investigates further and, to his dismay, discovers all of his cows have succumbed to the same fate.

Sitting on his porch, head in hands, he is approached by an elderly lady who enquires of his sadness.

"I'm ruined" he exclaimes "Without my cows I am in no position to financially support my family, we will lose the farm and ultimately our home"

The old lady walks over to a cow and gently rubs it's the farmers surprise the cow is instantly re-animated and begins chewing the grass. She then proceeds to continue this process until not a single frozen cow can be seen.

When the farmer asks her how he can repay her she replies with a "No need, it was nothing"...then walks away.

A neighbouring farmer sees all this and comes over and says to the now delighted farmer "You know who that was don't you.....

that was THORA HIRD"

Ok, ok, not the best joke in the world and probably "humorously enhanced" by my lack of sleep..........but I liked it smiley - wahsmiley - laugh

xxElsaxxsmiley - fairy

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LOVE the Summer but HATE the wasps.........aaaaaargh!!!

Well the summer season is here and along with the glorious (it's coming, it's coming...) weather and beautiful flowers comes probably my biggest phobia...WaSpS...smiley - wah

I've just gone into the kitchen for a coffee and one of the blighters was sat in my window. My best friend was down the shops so I had to deal with it myself.

I approached it in several ways:

1. I "pleaded" with it to go out the a distance of over 10 feet away from it

2. I "ordered" it in my best Barbara Woodhouse voice to exit my house....again at a distance of over 10 feet away from it

3. I then proceeded to blub like a baby, hoping that this would appeal to it's sensitive side....

The combination of the above 3 has led me to believe they are deaf, arrogant and insensitive smiley - laugh

You may think this is a little bit of an over-reaction to such a small creature.....I myself cannot explain why they instill such fear into me.....but I'm constantly on my guard during this weather....this is not the first time I've lost the plot....examples to follow:

One flew into my sons pram when he was days reaction...I ran in the OPPOSITE direction to the pram and left my friend to remove it

Whilst carrying another son as a toddler, one flew at my chest (it did it on purpose I swear it did lol) reaction...I THREW my son at my best friend (who thankfully caught him) and ran off again in the OPPOSITE direction doing my bestest impression of a windmill

On a bus into town one night another flew directly down my top (mmmmm maybe the one from above huh??) and I proceeded to have the bus in stitches as I screamed and started beating at my chest Gorilla style

Last year I came downstairs to find my kitchen window covered in them (they'd decided to build a hotel in my roof) friend was woken up by a phone call which went along the lines of: (friend) "Hello..." (me)"Aaaaaaaaaargh, blub, blub, blub..." (friend) "Els, are you ok!!!???"...(me)"Aaaaaaaaaargh...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasps"......(sound of phone being thrown down, followed by front door opening)...she found me in a heap on the floor in hysterics

Is there a cure out there or am I destined to spend my favourite season of the year in absolute terror and my best friend a nervous wreck everytime we venture out???.....smiley - laugh

Oh yeah....the blighter from this morning is now a carcass on the had an encounter with a box of washing tablets....I'll wait for me buddy to come home to check it's really dead and remove it for me

xxElsaxxsmiley - fairy

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And now for something completely smiley - winkeye

List of my fav authors

Stephen King smiley - magicsmiley - grovelsmiley - planet
Dean Koontz smiley - coolsmiley - wow
James Herbert smiley - vampiresmiley - witch
Sidney Sheldon smiley - cool

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