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Viagra Falls

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Hi Ancient Brit,

Just came on line after getting an e-mail postmarked from the Ivory Coast advertising Viagra going cheap by the case somewhere on h2g2?

I knew it just could'nt be true or you flogging it and why do I need the stuff anyway!

Do you have any Viagra style emoticons though!

Oh! up the top of your message "pad" it says my nickname is Ken Williams that is not true is it?

Was tempted to add a piece of cake here but decided against it


Ken Williams

Viagra Falls

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Ancient Brit

Ken - Glad you dropped in though curious to know why, after you clearly despise h2g2. You obviously know your way around so I will not offer to take you on a conducted tour but it does bother me a little that you find the site so distasteful. You do realise that the WW2 site is a virtual offspring of h2g2 and to my mind could well have been created within the realm of h2g2 as could other DNA sites. My Hobby Horse you see. smiley - ok (I like the odd emoticon)
With regard to names you must know full well that it does not pay to give too much away on the Web. The history for some of the persona played out in the world of h2g2 lies in the book of the same name, it's author and originator of the site.
I gather that you are interested in the mechanics of the WW2 site. In that respect you showed no respect for the people who could well have helped you. ( Namely SEF and whoami )
The DNA engine allows you to converse or add comment to almost any page you happen to be interested in. A much more flexible system than message boards.
The h2g2 is a site with ultimate scope, unlike the WW2 site which has limited possibilities.
Did you see this ? - A930232
Ancient Brit

Viagra Falls

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Hello Ancient Brit,

Thanks for your response.

May I say that your response to this message of mine should be read in conjunction with one I have just finished posting to the young man who, for his own personal reasons wishes to be known as "whoami"

That I "despise", as you put it, and find h2g2 a "hateful" site is adding to my feelings that there is a state of mass paranoia that seems to pervades the minds of the good people that lurk in the shadows of the h2g2 site and, the apparent comforting anomymous environment that it offers.

I will say again that I get the feeling that many people in this domain appear to take themselves, life and their involvement with their h2g2 playground a tad too seriously. I also get the impression that little humour has a place in your lives and that you would be the type that would write letters to the Times over the signature of "Indignant Taxpayer", of Reading, for example.

My message to you all is, LIGHTEN UP and in your case Ancient Brit you may care to try my suggestion to that earnest but a little off course young man, "whoami"

"Indignant British Veteran", Australlia

Viagra Falls

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Ancient Brit

You have my deepest sympathy.
I hope you find peace in your memories.

For the record this contact originated here:- F125085?thread=296061&post=3968704#p3967037

Viagra Falls

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My Dear Misguided Chap!

I do not need your sympathy nor do I need your now smart-arsed type answers.

Please mate, hop on one of your little buses and see if it will take you my website. Read it if you dare then come back and try to convince me that you will ever be able to have anything but a fraction of my experiences and memories. Come on now show the world you have the courage to put your money where your unfortunate mouth is - I dare you!

Good Morning

Viagra Falls

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Ancient Brit

You seem to be hell bent on starting WW3.smiley - smiley

Why not practice what you preach:-
"please stand back and have a look at where you are going right now and try to fight your fight ,if you still must, in a manner that will not end up with you being the ultimate loser."

You came to my space uninvited remember.
I can go on writing smart-arsed replies as long as you keep up your self opinionated tirade.
Please shut up and leave any time you want and let Simon and Penelope be the judge of your behavior.

Viagra Falls

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Dear Ancient Brit,

I would welcome a "judgement" on my behaviour right now old chap from Simon, Penelope, Deborah and or Mark. Lets see who would be the greatest loss to this troubled place you or I. Mark is here right now and so are you so go ahead and report me - I can pack up my all contributions in no time flat and disappear into the mists and, if told to I will do so with no regrets, OK?

I cannot stand people who frequent chat rooms and the like and shoot their mouths off without anyone knowing who they are just like you chum - come on take off your mask!

Disenchanted British Veteran

Viagra Falls

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Ancient Brit

Here is a snip from one of your earlier messages
< No further correspondence will be entered into! >
You just will not practice what you preach and insist on carrying on this uncalled for and provocative attack.
You should really look around before you condemn h2g2 out of hand. You should also look around your site and delve more deeply into the conversations that go on outside your own little area of concern. You will find that just as you were invited to WW2 others have been similarly invited to help. There is a wealth of experience and talent among the researchers of h2g2, take it from me that without that experience and talent the WW2 site would not have come into being and as it stands at present it will be hard pressed to survive without it.
My interest in YOUR site is merely as it fits in and relates to other DNA sites as a whole. I find much more interest in this story than any of your tales of WW2, wonderfully told as they are.
Let me put it to you that when you subscribe to a DNA Site you are automatically subscribed to all the others. H2g2 researchers did not themselves subscribe to WW2. I condemned this practice way back when and have entered into countless discussions in this connection.
You may not believe it but there are many researchers in h2g2 who think the way that you do, but they speak with the full knowledge of the site. I happen to believe that eventually the course of the DNA community as a whole will go full circle and all the sites will come together under one banner.
One thing is certain though, if many contributors go on the rampage like you have done it will be a long and arduous journey.
You have to accept that my name matters little as does yours. You point proudly to a web site to prove your identity. I point to h2g2 where you can find out more about Ancient Brit if you care to look. Anonymity is the recommended norm on h2g2. I smile at the name Keneth Williams it conveys an image of the actor in the Carry On series of films.
If you wish to continue this conversation then spell out the reason for your original outburst and the real reason why you created your web site and became a contributor to WW2. Outline the way that you would like to see the site develop. Don't just sit back and wait for Simon to try and outline his thoughts to you. He needs all the help he can get as do a lot of others linked by the DNAhub.
You may have been a hell of a war time naval medic but communication is a whole new ball game and take it from me that DNA and h2g2 kicked off and continues to play a serious part in that game.
Ancient Brit

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