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there's SOOOO much of it....smiley - yikes

And what's worse I can't remember the smilies!!!!smiley - wah

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Glastonbury Tickets

3 Minutes to go and countingsmiley - yikes

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Back - Sort of

Been AFK for too long - apart from the occasional glance to check for anything urgent and to unsubscribe from a million threads.

Work has become much busier (hence the lack of communucations)...but at the same time friendlier...I'm in a big open plan office now and it's much less lonesome...which I spose means I don't need hootoo so much smiley - shrug. Just finished off a wopping big project and have a little breathing space.

Just over a week ago Ruby (one of our cats) got run over and died smiley - wouldn't be so bad but the council picked her up and didn't even bother scanning her for a microchip (or recording a half decent description) so it was 4 days before we were sure (and even now I'm reluctant to lock the catflap just in case she is out there somewhere). Panther is coping well...he's started doing all the things she used to do (sitting in the sink, miowing, sleeping on the bed etc etc). He still spends quite a bit of time staring at the cat flap waiting for her to come home though...but he's started playing again.

Looking forward to Christmas, almost all the presents are bought (apart from hubby's) and I'm planning a drive up to B'ham for the day to swap pressies with my mum and sister. Then the week before x-mas hubby and me are going to brave the railways and get the train up to Liverpoolsmiley - yikes. We bought the tickets on Saturday, expecting a hefty £60 return each but it worked out at £18 each plus a £14 railcard which got us both 1/3 off the normal ticket pricesmiley - wow.

Been a funny old time and likely to get funnier but everything seems to be working itself out slowlysmiley - smiley

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Recieved a summons this morningsmiley - yikes. Apparantly the DVLA didn't get my letter explaining to them that my car was scrapped 2 yrs ago and the relevent documents got sent to them at the time. They're saying that they didn't recive the original documents or the letter explaining the dates/scrapper involved and of course being naive I didn't keep a copy of the letterssmiley - sadface. I'm now being threatened with up to £1000 fine + £45 expenses. If I plead guilty I don't have to turn up in the magistrates court next week, if I plead not guilty I have to turn up and hire a solicitor and I might still end up paying the fine.

All this for a crappy old metro that was falling apart at the seamssmiley - cry.

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Finally I've got round to posting some photos online usings Yahoo's lovely free facilitysmiley - ok. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) most of our photos are on an external hard drive which got disconnected to make room for a party last weekend and hasn't been reconnected again. So it's just a couple of shots of me and hubby preparing for his xmas "do" last yr and some photos of the cats (I'm *not* obsessed honestsmiley - winkeye).

When I get round to reconnecting the other computer/harddrive I'll post up hundreds of photos of the house showing our progress (for the record the window behind hubby used to be a door and there used to be a wall running through where he is satsmiley - yikes).

I'm sure everyone can't wait to be bored with my DIY delightssmiley - biggrin

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