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Another fun-filled week at the fun factory passes by in a blur. I am in the middle of job-hunting, so am quite busy. Waiting to hear from two job applications at the moment..wobble...
Work gets worse. Weekends pass in a blur. Got schlep round the town and pay bills, do the shopping, cut the grass, do the washing. What a thrilling life!
KTT has gone nocturnal again, but has been accepted on to A level courses (if he gets the grades) so that's one relief.

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Well, its nearly 11pm on Sunday night and i finally got to my own page bit - quite exciting really, cos i've visited the site several times and contributed to a few threads, but now I feel that I really belong.

however, have to get up at the crack of doom tomorrow for another fun-filled day athte fun factory, so won't write much more tonight

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