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Yes it really is me!

I will really try to keep in touch this time. I miss you all and like a kerazy (yup, that's kerazy with a 'k' and an extra 'e') fool have failed on my half of the friendship bargain.

If you'll have me back I'd happily get stuck into AskHootoo and spam my little heart out.

On the current news front; I dislocated my little finger playing rugby last week. It came out at 90 degrees in an angle it should not have been. I popped it back to about 45degrees, saw the club physio who got it back to about 10 degrees then drove myself to casualty (like a grown up responsible adult suffering from shock shouldn't). An x-ray (which I have a copy of and am hoping to get it scanned in pretty soon), gas and air, lots of tugging, a ring block (local anaesthetic to the joint below the dislocation) even harder tugging by the big jarpie doctor, then a gentle tug, twist and wiggle by the little Chinese doctor, later and it was back in place. I've got it strapped up for three weeks while the soft tissues heal.

I'm nearly three months into my new job as a project manager for a large CCTV installation firm and having great fun at it too smiley - smiley

Look forward to hearing from those that still subscribe smiley - smiley


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Latest reply: Dec 6, 2004

If this were a soap opera...

People would say nothing more about my extended leave of absence and it would be carefully shoe-horned into the flimsy plot lines.

But it's not.

Hello to all that I've missed. I have no particular reason for not posting for 6 months except that I'm a lazy forgetful bugger at the best of times. I've been spending lots of time working, with the family and playing a MMO - Star Wars Galaxies.

Kids are great, Myá is 19months, very tall, a terror and you can't shut her up. Jack is now 8 months, is mobile and loves to laugh. The missus is fine and so am I.

Meh, I can't remember smilies and can't be bothered to preview so let's hope this works smiley - biggrin


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Advanced warning...

A long journal thread will appear within the next one to two days. smiley - ok


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This morning...

...I fell down the stairs.

I've never been so scared in my life - I was carrying Myá at the time. I don't know what happened, I just slipped off the second step from the top and rolled down. Quite how I did it I don't know, but thank god I left Myá at the top of the stairs and I ended up in a crumpled heap at the bottom.

Myá is fine, very, very shaken and a bruised foot (while I was putting her shoes on her this morning she was going "ooh, ooh" but it was funny to her - smiley - weird kid). I'm fine, having lost the skin off: the top of two toes, one of my knees and one of my elbows and having a shooting pain in my knee if I walk on my right leg too hard.

I'd rather not go through that again.


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A brief update

Myá, Jack and Debbie are doing great. I'm absolutely shattered at the moment, but thank god all of them are well.

Jack has put on a few ounces, the chubby pie eater, and is progressing fine.

Myá has stood up and taken a few steps unaided, usually sitting down to applaud herself, she'll walk from the kitchen to the front room if she's holding hands. She has also had her first haircut, just after learning to take her hair out of her mouth when you tell her to. Her language is improving, leaving only esperanto to master.

Debbie has stood up and taken a few steps unaided. Actually she's moving around under her own steam very well for someone who had their stomach cut open. She can do everything but lift and twist now.

I'll have more photos soon and I promise to reduce the bloated pictures that I put on my site in a hurry.


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