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NoNoNaJoPoMo redux

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Now that the month of November has ended, I wanted to make a quick journal entry thanking all of those whose journals I follow, friend or otherwise, for utilizing the A-page option for this year's NaJoPoMo.

It's not that I am not interested in all of you - otherwise I wouldn't be following your journals - but rather that I work hard for a living, have family and other commitments (which include volunteer work for h2g2!), and simply don't have time to read a journal entry every day for even one of you, leastwise all of you. And no way could I pick and choose!

You all know that I don't really write journal entries because there's pretty much nothing about me I care to share without limiting my audience to people I know and trust. However, I appreciate why the project is promoted on h2g2, and I'd never discourage anyone I know from participating! smiley - smiley But it was a real relief to be given the option to opt-in, instead of having to choose between feeling like a captive audience or unsubscribing from folks I may have been following for years.

So, thanks to everyone to whose PS I am subscribed, for posting your NaJoPoMo entries to an A-page that I could read (or not) as time allowed and not be overwhelmed every time I logged in by conversations from which I needed to unsubscribe or felt obliged to read.

And now we're heading toward the end of another year... this has been a good one, overall, at that! I'm not comfortable providing too much detail, but suffice it to say that a number of toxic influences have been removed from my life over this past year, and everything is awesome right now. Including an awesome new job!! Drop me a line on FB or by email if you haven't for a while and want to catch up on all the details. Otherwise, see you around the site, and I'll resume reading your journals now! smiley - ok

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NoNoNaJoPoMo redux

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