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Well seems like nobody could be bothered to have a go at the Pop Pickers Puzzler or if they did then they haven`t sent in any answers so I`m not going to bother staying up half the night looking for lyrics, writing them out then typing them on here, then checking my emails to see if i have anyone sending in answers. What is the point. Thanks to those who have took the time to at least have a look but i`m afraid i won`t be doing anymore.
Take care

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Latest reply: Oct 10, 2004

stolen money?

a group of friends went to the pub
6 of them went in the games room
6 went in the lounge
the group in the the games room sat 3 to a table
the group in the lounge sat 4 at one table 2 at another
each person at each table bought a round of drinks at £1 per pint
at the table with two people four pints would have been purchased costing £4
at the table with 4 people 16 drinks cost £16
so in the lounge they paid £20
in the games room the 6 people only paid £18
where did the other £2 go??

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Latest reply: May 19, 2004


I would like to invite all staff and visitors ps past and present to a party tonight (Thursday the 13th May) 9pm to celebrate the birth of Trish`s grandson this morning and the relaunch of "ye oLDe tea shoppe" so come along join in and if you can`t walk home after we will know you will be back (cos we`ll nick your car keys..smiley - rofl
Hope to see you all later

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Latest reply: May 13, 2004

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Always wondered why people say that?
Now I know..
"Where`s Marc?"
Who cares? smiley - wah

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