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Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

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Marc Its My Family At war with each other Over Great Uncle Petes WILL i in Middle as always sounds like thugs why dont you get car window covers savs money n no more broke windows you get a set 10 from Makro or BQ for £15 i got em on me Morris Minor And Mini and 3 wheeler .

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

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never heard of them but it i can get hold of them i certainly will save me a lot of money in the long run. How do they actualy fit on the car? is it magnet or something?
Morris minor eh they are brilliant cars which model is it? 2 door or four, hard top or convertable, split screen, flip up indicators?
thanks for the help hun i will definately have a look
smiley - love
ps have you ever spoken to Captain Kebab on here? he has a moggy as well

Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

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just been looking through my old journals and i came accross this thread (not and guess what you never answered my question in the last posting...been a long time but i noticed you have posted on H2 in the last couple of week so wondered what has been happening in you life? would love to catch up sometime and i now have a PC so you could even come and chat with me on there the address is
[email protected]
same goes for anyone else reading this who remembers me come and have a chat on MSN..smiley - lovesmiley - kisssmiley - cuddle
Marc (the dandy highwayman) smiley - coolsmiley - thief

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