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South Yorkshire upon Sea

The River Don is on severe flood watch as it is feared that it may burst it's banks.

Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield seem to be the worst hit

The next village from us is under water too, in fact the bridge that you have to go under to get into that village (and the way to Mr Tesco) has 5ft of water under it. We are being warned not to travel and almost all of the secondary schools in Doncaster have closed.

All this and would you believe that the sun is shining brightly?

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Cal's Journal: Nothing important

Some one asked me what I was doing, while I was slap in the middle of writing an entry.

My reply was 'well I have Alan Titchmarsh, Carl Foggerty, Gregorio Lavilla and the holy grail on the boil at the moment'

Needless to say I fell about laughing at the look they gave me and the realisation of how that sentence must sound smiley - biggrin

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Cal's Journal: The Great Easter Egg Bonanza

smiley - chick yes I know it's a broken egg and yes I know it has a chicken inside it, but just think of the cholesterol you're NOT having. AND you get a free pet! What more could you ask for? smiley - winkeye.

So anyway seems scott has about 90 Easter eggs smiley - erm ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration, he has 5, but they are 5 very large eggs, in fact one is almost as big as him! And he has bucket full of little eggs.

and I, yes I have a box full of Cadbury's cream eggs!! Oh yum yum yum smiley - biggrin

That bunny has left paw marks all over my carpet though smiley - cross


and smiley - erm no I'm not sharing smiley - tongueout

*smiley - runs off to hide his eggs*

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Cal's Journal: An eventful Day


What a day yesterday was.

I live on a very quiet street, and yesterday I happened to look out of the front window, and half the people who lived on the street, were out on the pavement.

Whats going on thinks I, a gas leak? an accident? a bomb scare maybe?


Much worse apparently, a duck, in fact a mallard, had took it upon itself to take a stroll down the centre of our road.

There it was taking a lovely little stroll quaking politely at all the spectators and lapping up the attention.

That was until a funny little man in a green body warmer with loads of pockets in it came.

All to the duck who made a run for it as soon as it caught sight of him, to much ooohhhh and ahhhhs from the gathered crowd, but alas the duck was caught smiley - sadface

and the excitement didn't end there my friends, oh no

I had a run in with a very cocky smiley - spider! Let me tell you, oh yes

The smiley - bleeping thing waltzed out from under scotts nappy basket as I was watching Emerdale, now you know spiders they usually scurry out into the middle of the room, stop, look around for the nearest dark corner, then scurry off to it.

Not this one. It strolled, yes strolled! out into the middle of the room, stopped and started to have a little look around!

"right!" thinks I "you're for the hoover matey"

So off I go to get the hoover, all the time thinking that the spider would realise it's days were numbered and and scurry off.

oh no not this one, I wheeled the hoover right up to it, unwrapped the cord and plugged it in and that spider did not move a muscle!


When I tried to suck it up into the tube the smiley - bleeping thing must have been clinging on to the carpet because it wouldn't go up the tube!!!!!!!

smiley - bleeping ducks and spiders, what next?!?!?!?

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Cal's Easter Quiz

How many can you get? smiley - smiley

un Conejo

Una Cesta

una Campana

un huevo


un lazo

un parjarito

una azucena

un nido

un cordero

Semana Santa

Good luck smiley - ok

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