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Hi there Mme

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Mistress Marmalade - Keeper of Stars and Other Twinkly Things

Not entirely sure how I got here, have been having a wander around looking at lots of different things today. Ended up here so thought I'd say hellosmiley - ok


Hope that the homesickness isn't too bad

smiley - starsmiley - starsmiley - star

Back at'cha Mme!

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Hi Mistress M,
Good to hear from you smiley - cool
That homesickness is getting better already, with people dropping by to say hello at this space smiley - smiley Thank you!

You must have spotted my Northernism a mile off- I'm of Liverpool origin (yes, a Scousersmiley - monster in Paris- we get everywhere, you know!)& you're making me jealous with your references to:
*Terri's choccy orange smiley - choc's (I can't get them here)
*decent smiley - ale
*nights on the toon! (Eurosmiley - musicalnote is a bit sketchy).

I might win on the smiley - cakes & smiley - cappuccino front though (we can fight about it later if you like, in stereotypical Northern stylee) (do you think Northerners get a cheap deal, incidentally?)

Am also 23 & currently reading a book called 99 francs (a fiction about Marketing and the dark power of Advertising and Media from the inside).OooH!sounds V.smiley - artisteh?! Is really interesting, actually.

So- what's your favourite book? I did Eng Lit for degree, so quite interested.
Or tell me a philosophical theme that's got you wrapt at the mo?
smiley - cheersMme Garlicky Harlott

Back at'cha Mme!

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Mistress Marmalade - Keeper of Stars and Other Twinkly Things

99 Francs sounds pretty good - is it in French or can I get a copy in English?

As for a fave book, I love so many that it would be really hard to pick just one. A few which stick out are: Lord of the Rings, Cider with Rosie, Lord of the Flies, Harry Potter and Snow Falling on Cedars, but to be honest I like pretty much anything really.

So how come you're in France? 18 months is a long time to be away from home!

Back at'cha Mme!

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hello again! smiley - winkeye

yeah- it's called £9.99 in England, by Frederic Beigbeder.
hopefully, it's not c**p
(I've been reading it in French & somewhat guessing at the content!)

Liked The L Shaped Room, To Kill a Mockingbird, Memoirs of a Geisha, Catcher in the Rye & The Magi. Also a fan of (desperately untrendy)Shakespeare.

Came to Paris after graduation to faff & have some time out to grow up a bit. Feel quite independant now (cue Charlie's Angels smiley - musicalnote!)

Definately time for home in June though.

Back at'cha Mme!

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Mistress Marmalade - Keeper of Stars and Other Twinkly Things

Ooooo! New name - like it smiley - smiley

Well, I hope the weather is better where you are. Much drizzly rain here. Quite distressing seeing as it is now officially the weekend (no work ever gets done on a Friday) and has been scorchingly hot all week. Typical. smiley - sadface

Back at'cha Mme!

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hey! it's the new me smiley - cool
Raining here toosmiley - blue.

BUT!smiley - cheerup

Lunch consisted of a Domino's order in pizza, which was fab as shared with similarly smiley - bleeped off co-workers and we made each other smiley - laugh

And I haven't had dial-a-pizza for, like, years!

Yummy mucky foodsmiley - smiley Ain't nothing like it

Back at'cha Mme!

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Mistress Marmalade - Keeper of Stars and Other Twinkly Things

Sorry!! Have been totally bad at keeping an eye on my personal space and am just catching up on messages left smiley - smiley

Pizza, however messy is always a lovely thing to eat (providing it has no anchovies or pineapple smiley - tongueout (in a yukky kind of way!))

Well, today despite the torrential rain this morning, has turned out pretty nice and I don't want to be at work - again! Nothing changes does is smiley - winkeye Getting a bit fed up with all the stuff going on at work really. I have two supervisors who talk through me rather than with each other and have got very different views on how some things should be done But i guesss it'll all come right in the end smiley - smiley.

Hope everything's going ok over there - not got too caught up in the whole political thing. Speak soon

Missy smiley - starsmiley - starsmiley - star

Back at'cha Mme!

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ooh hello Mistress! smiley - ok

its been a while- sorry.Ive got a new hootoo name and everything! (ANOTHER one!smiley - winkeye)
Have been gadding about france, before I leave this Gallic country, next week. Nipped off down South in pursuit of the sun, and had a lovely time smiley - smiley

It is great not having a job, and coasting on me back wages for a month. Unfortunately, it cannot last as we girlies have expensive tastes,don't we? But great while lasting!....

Hope you're job is better? Am now bitten by travelling bug and thinking about donning me backpack for a year or so. Ever done it?

Off to go and get some fodder-its the 'Fete de la Musique' in Paris tonight, and there will be loads of musicians (including Nitinh Sawney and Lenny Kravitz) playing in the streets, and lots of Rose wine to be imbibed! Best line that tummy....

Bugger about the World Cup against Brazil today. How did it go down in England? How was the Joob stuff for the Queen? Sorry I missed it actually- looked cool in Mod-ish kind of a way.
Write with your goss and geg!

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