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Delicia - The world's acutest kitten

smiley - okWell that's good then, the old battles bore me so, seems to me lack of imagination to fight them over and over again. smiley - puff Mind you, i still would like to know the numbers, having a bit of a penchant for stats smiley - wizard. And what if they reveal that men are brainier after all?smiley - run Naw naw naw, just kidding smiley - winkeyesmiley - cat

check out this one, Lil?

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Delicia - The world's acutest kitten


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Well... Raw Deal? Ain't that an old Arnold S flick? 'Don't drink and bake... '

Actually it depends on who's deciding what doesn't it?

Like you talk about the 'quality' of an entry right? So that kinda leaves a little squirmroom because what's quality? Can we like qualify that? Well probably not until Del gets her stats right? Then maybe we can quantify it and do TQM or something.

But specifically... here's my experience.

The scenario goes... I come here because my cyberbud Mag says I should write something for the Guide from my own disreputable experience which she's kinda into because disreputable stuff facinates her or something... and she suggests something about table dancing.

So ok fine... that's what I do... not knowing I'm supposed to get multiple visits from ACEs and all and thinking Timelord is an ACE except it's pretty clear now rereading the greeting that she/he's not but I sorta breezed through it anyways and just saw what I wanted to see and not giving anything a second thought which of course is my first mistake.

My second mistake is thinking I can just do a guide entry like I normally do stuff so then I find out it's gotta be 3rd person guide style blah blah blah which is ok except the piece really doesn't go that way so I withdraw it after having a friendly little discussion with my unofficial mentor Boss. And I know Boss is sorta disappointed because maybe there are stirring of rebellion in the air about quality and who decides it around here but that's life.

Now we can fastforward a little bit.

My old man takes a look at the entry and the site and says I just need to learn how to write stuff for this 'venue'. So he proceeds to join up and writes something and bingo... it gets published... like he doesn't even have to edit it or put in the guide ML stuff because the scouts are doing it for him... something nobody did for me... so paranoia starts to set in. But I don't write like him ok? I think his stuff is stodgy and pompous and now we're back to quality issues I suppose so I just let it go.

But then he writes another stodgy pompous piece and it goes to final editing too although this time they make him do his own guide ML like everybody else which is encouraging ya know? At least that part of the paranoia might not be true.

Alright so I try another entry... this one in 3rd person from the start but it's kinda juicy just like the first one and it gets bounced for 'condoning illegal activity' or something.

So fine... I put in disclaimers all over the place saying don't do this if it's illegal where you live or whatever but that doesn't fly either. So then I decide maybe it's something else that's causing my shots to keep bouncing off the wall and I really don't have time to keep probing the blackbox to figure out what's going on inside.

In the meantime it occurs to me that maybe it's got something to do with my ID. So I create another ID that can sorta go both ways... depending on whether or not you remember a certain famous hollywood western... thinking maybe I'll submit something over that byline and voila... that ID gets 2 very very friendly ACE visits within a couple of days even before I've had time to write something and considering I created it over the weekend... well the ACE performance is kinda stellar you might say.

So that kinda leads me to suspect that there is some kinda gender problem here maybe but good old Timelord is eavesdropping and gets the message out that there's a disturbance in one of the cribs and so a very very cool and friendly ACE shows up belatedly and all's well.

So at this point I don't know if I got the coldshoulder or just slipped through the cracks or what? And my little experiment of course is trashed now because I'm sure the word's going out that there's a troublemaking secret shopper in Aisle 57 going under an alias and looking for proof that h2g2 is a sexist enclave of stodgy Brit 'gentlemen of quality'.

But of course I gotta raw deal whatever the excuse compared to the old man and the new ID. That's a fact. And whether it was due to somebody getting a little lazy or just not really wanting to deal with a Lilith or whatever it happened.

So the way I figure it is the people who run this place know why stuff goes down the way it does and if they wanna be upfront about it fine and if they don't... well there's probably nothing I can do about it either way.

So meanwhile we're having a friendly little shredding session with the first entry because I finally decided to see how stodgy and pompous I could do it and still be able sleep at night and the main problem now is whether or not it's appropriate for a family style place... which presumably means whatever 'family values' are current in the UK or whatever certain people think is current. Which is another quality issue probably so it just depends on who you talk to about that stuff doesn't it?

And depending on how that all turns out I may or may not have cause to feel a little more raw about stuff here. Just depends on how much of my hide gets ripped off I guess. smiley - winkeye


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Emmily ~ Roses are red, Peas are green, My face is a laugh, But yours is a scream

Hi lilthcookie..
i've just looked at the date on the first post of this conversation've been here since April..&..not been ACEd..i can only apologize again that you were over-looked..i've only been an ACE since the beginning of June..we are often reminded 'behind the scenes' to check 2* click this link to see what i'm talking about.. i really do not know how to convince you that it had nothing at all with you being a female..i believe in equaliity & would not associate myself with anything that discriminated on the basis of sex..colour..race..religion or anything else..

here's a link for the statistics page

smiley - rose


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Michele - Doily Mogul: Don't leave me! If you go there'll be no braincells in the room at all!

Howdy Lilithcookie! smiley - erm So sorry to hear about your slow start on h2g2! We've kind of had a discussion on how to go about "ace"ing someone since April. There was some confusion on how to check to see if someone had been aced or not - without actually having to read everything that was posted to the site. Everyone probably already assumed you had been aced by Timelords entry. (I know I would have!). As I said, since then we the Ace group has had several discussions on how to check to see if someone has been aced. Which might account for why newer people are getting aced by several people, and older people weren't.

However, that being said, I can truly state that I have not experienced any discrimination on h2g2 because of my gender. And my name is pretty obvious that I'm female.

Also - you mentioned problems with some entries you were writing? I'm not sure what that was about, but you have to remember that this is a public website, and we must be sensitive to children that are online and in the conversations. One of the reasons we have to keep everything so "squeeky clean"!

Again, sorry your beginning was so rocky! But you seem to persevere, so I look forward to seeing you around h2g2, and please contact me if I can help you with anything!

Michele smiley - smiley


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Hey thx everybody... nothing like better late than never right?

So we'll kiss and makeup and just go on letting bygones be bygones and plodding and muddling and giggling... and speaking of giggling... I got it... as in IT... the solution to the kid problem ok? And it doesn't even involve dancing around people's tastes or censorship or anything like that.

Everytime you find a kid online or learn of one in your neighborhood you report her/his parents to child welfare or social services for neglect. That way we can stop babysitting eventually or at least get paid when we do babysit. Sound like a plan?

Then once we get the parents supervising their kids like they were supposed to be doing in the first place we can start acting like grownups again. Gawd I know it's radical but hey... if enough people get tired of babysitting other people's kids for free online... well it's a way out ok?


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Actually I think modifying the plan a little might be more practical. Like you can turn them in whenever you get a complaint from a parent. Just take down all their vitals and kids' names and stuff and then turn it over to the police to handle. They'll incriminate themselves by complaining then. Cool right? smiley - winkeye

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