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How NOT to seduce a sexy man...

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Me: ‘brrrmm brrm brrrrrm brrrrmm’

Sexy Man: ‘What ARE you doing??’

Me: ‘I’m a fridge’….

Thankfully I passed out shortly thereafter having been put to bed.

Cue very loud snoringsmiley - zzz and waking up the following morning looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards and still in full smiley - nurseNaughty Nurse regaliasmiley - yikes…Thankfully without stiletto boots, but that was only because I didn’t put them on…

Oh the shame… Very funny being told about it the next day, can’t remember it at all, I have a hazy vision of walking back from the local pub<cdouble, and I have the monster of all blisters on my heel to quantify that I couldn’t have been walking straight in my heels… My sore head informed me that I either drank too much, or said man took advantage of my comatose state and hit me over the head repeatedly with something heavy….

I suspect the latter… smiley - evilgrin

Its Tuesday… Time to sit and wait for any reappearing memory and grovel as required… smiley - footinmouth

smiley - rofl

How NOT to seduce a sexy man...

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

Good night then? smiley - winkeye

How NOT to seduce a sexy man...

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sluuuuuuuuuuut smiley - rofl

and the poor bloke got to be 'snouted at' by your mum n Julie smiley - rofl

How NOT to seduce a sexy man...

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It was a lovely, lovely weekend smiley - ok

But I hasten to add this is the second time I have fallen asleep when we could have been up to no good for the night... smiley - dohsmiley - laugh

Oh yes, he got snouted at, and my mum apologised to me for calling him 'The clone'.... As I have pointed out to her many times, he looks nothing like J!

We went out for dinner before I had to leave to go home (smiley - sadface) which was very nicesmiley - biggrin, but I had this nagging feeling that we were going to have gatecrashers!! Turns out my mum, sis, her fiance, Julie, katie and her boyfriend were planning to do exactly that! But my sister runs on the same watch as me so therefore didn't get ready in time! smiley - laugh

After picking my stuff up he dropped me at my mothers so I could pick the other ho's up to drive home.... All the way back I wanted to turn around and go back to where we were staying, knowing he was there for the extra night before he headed back home...smiley - cry

It took him a staggering 11.5 hours to get to me on the Friday, and a little over 10 hours to get home on Monday!! smiley - yikes Another brownie point coming his way!! smiley - star

How NOT to seduce a sexy man...

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not a brownie uniform then?

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