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afternoon oh gorgeous booted one smiley - winkeye

little bay..what sort of food is it? what are the prices like and whats the phone number?

smiley - grovel


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It lovely food....smiley - drool

My personal favourite is lamb, gratin potato (cheesy potato to you and me smiley - winkeye) green beans and graaaaaavy!

Tey do salmon, steak, chicken, mostly straightforward food really smiley - ok

Prices are fantastic! smiley - boing

£2.75 for a starter and £5.75 for a main course

if you go before 7 its £1.75 for a starter and £4.75 for a main! smiley - somersault

Puddings are also....smiley - drool

I'll get the number for you in a minute smiley - ok

You're the 2nd person to ask me about this restaurant today! How weird! smiley - laugh


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(and keep coming with the compliments...smiley - winkeye)


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smiley - cheers

yeti thought it might be french or italian or or somethingsmiley - winkeye we will prolly go there for our smiley - smoochy date in feb as not going to york now..


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Nope, run by foreiners of some description, used to be primarily a seafood restaurant but not now smiley - erm

There is a lovely French restaurant by the name of Boulevard which is just around the corner from it, just as nice and almost as cheap! smiley - cheers

If you do go there make sure you book in advance and ask for a table in the back, that way you get to sit in their fabulous new extension, that is so bizarre, I can't describe it to you here! smiley - laugh


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oh we'll be booking as its the weekend after valentines day! smiley - yikes
i was a bit miffed to find we couldve gone to see james blunt at brixton that night but all the tickets wee gone! smiley - laugh

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