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english work

i have a problem. a huge piece of english work is due in in less than 2 weeks and i havent started it yet. oops. :S
well, the thing is, i just cant get motivated to start it, and i know i really should....please help someone!!

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weird dream

i dreampt last night that i recieved a huge parcel in the post full of scarves and jewellery, a present from some council or other for me passing my exams! then i awoke this morning to some post, a prospectus for a university which i would love to go to. Is this a sign? or am i just typing stuff which has the single purpose of slowing down cyberspace and irritatingg anyone who happens to read it!?!?

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My thoughtful Idea

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that the world isn't quite as it should be. I mean, we shouldn't really go around killing each other, should we? Unless Darwin edited that bit out for being 'Too distressing a thought for a Thursday'. Anyway, my conclusion is that the world is like a large lump of chocolate cake, great when it was all fresh and sweet. But now its not. Its turned mouldy, and rather disgusting. On the outside anyway. So, if you have any suggestions for freshening up mouldy cake, or improving our little planet, please reply!!!

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