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Hi and welcome to my top tips for reviewing books.

1. Read the book;
Don't just skim through it like it or hate it tell us and tell us why.
Has it a good start or will it take some time to get going' dose the story flow or is it hard work.
Is the book trying to make any point, Is it pro or anti war, slavery capitalism anything inform us. Some books are propaganda but they are still good books if you think there is something in the background tell it as you see it.

2. Without spoiling the plot give an idea what its about;
The style is important. Si Fi, period, historical, modern or fantasy. Some books are a mixture of styles, come on get us interested.
Where the story is set, and when the time (useful in historical books) some cover many years, 1939 to 1949 if in WW2.
Who are the characters and their relationship (if any) at the start of the book a basic introduction only will do, just to set the scene.
If fiction tell us about the country or world it is set in (think of the Disk World here and you will see what I mean)

3. Some detail of style, setting and what makes it worth reading;
Tell us how the book is written dose it hold the attention of the reader.
As in the books of Tolkien do the characters, towns and places really stand out, come alive off the page and become real friends, or not, and if not why.

4. Other books worth reading if you, or we like this type of book;
This is the easy bit, it could be in the same series as in Diskworld, or the same author as Dickens or Norman Mailer and William Horwood.
If I find it hard to choose a book why should I read this.

5. Rate the book;
A simple ratting will do fine. And if necessary age range if adult themes are dealt with.
Don't bother smiley - run
Boring smiley - erm
Average smiley - ok
Good smiley - cheers
Excellent smiley - magic

So there you are my five points to reviewing books, I hope it helps, and please comment.


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Reviewing tips

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