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Well its been some time since I popped in to say hello...

The house is slowly coming on - money is, as I knew you would guess, the big issue; too little for the amount of work we need to do. Couple that with the fact that work is hectic and I am struggling to contact tradesmen to come and give us estimates far less do the work.

To date we have 90% completed the kitchen (still trying to track down a supplier of worktop seal of the type and colour we want. 50% completed one of the bedrooms, the bathroom and cloackroom (need a new bath and the walls and ceilings skimmed).

The garden has been spruced up, replanted etc for next spring so at least one thing is finished.

Must dash - train to catch

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House Saga

I see its been a long old time since I last let you know what was going on with the house.


Other than the finances being a complete nightmare, we have finished the kitchen and the cloackroom/seconf toilet, tidied up the garden, drylined all the stud walls and plastered all the party walls with a base coat.

Still heaps to do but nobody said it was going to be quick or easy.

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house traumas continue

here we are May almost upon us and we only have half a kitchen - we are still waiting for the plumber to return and finish the work (connecting the new mains supply and new sink)before we can complete the cupboards etc.

Despite this we are still pressing on with the work - it just takes time and money - have the former but.................


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more house stuff

here we are third week in march still no kitchen

got a week off in early April so should have a kitchen by the end of that - its the problem with doing all the work yourself - it takes bloody ages!

Anyway it does mean we have learnt how to plaster, how to make worksurfaces from scratch with real timber, how to build our own cupboards out of real wood (not MDF), etc. etc. etc.

Pip Pip

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Well the whole house needs renovating!

electrician has now finished a complete re-wire, the plumber is almost finished re-plumbing the whole house.

Hopefully we will get he kitchen built before the end of feb!

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