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Just came by after you'd posted on the homeopathy list. Thanks for clarifying. I'm Maggy and I'm the producer of 360, H2G2's sister site (which also has a homeopathy thread - on the holistic health section).

I was interested in the 'maybe in another country bit' you wrote. My ex and I emigrated to Montana USA in 1998 from the UK. Unfortunatelly it was one of those dreams that turns into a nightmare and I'm now back in the UK - and in that dam' expensive London!

God it seemed dirty and crowded after the Rockies! Got used to it again now though.

So, wherever you go (if you do) good luck - and do your research!!

smiley - magic

Hi Ross

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Thanks for the comments Maggy.

We certainly will do out research etc. before we make such a major move/change to our lives. Whilst we both sort of dream of a life in the country, we have both become city boys and as such the places we are looking at as possibilities are major european cities.

Hi Ross

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sounds eminently sensible to me...

However, I will, at least, go to my grave with the memory of riding quarter horses over mountains and watching golden eagles circling in the sky....

So nothing is all bad!

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