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the autist formerly known as flinch

Just thought i'd say hello really.

It's not just me is it, but all of a sudden, no-one in IT knows how to fix a bloody thing. I had an IT woman come around the other day, and she had to phone a helpline to work out where the phone socket was in the room! I s**t you not.

Brussels eh? I've just noticed that Ryan Air is doing flights for 75p, and was wondering if it was worth it? I get the impression that Brussels is kind of like Milton Keynes or Doncaster.

How do.

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You are right about the quality of IT helpdesk and desktop support staff these days - its because the good ones have priced themselves out of the market - so you are left with either 18 year olds or bozos.

Regarding Brussels it is really nice - loads of culture, cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic (home of the EC afterall), bars that stay open till 5 or 6 in the morning, cheap, whilst it is a predominately francophone city most people understand enough english &/or schoolboy french for brits to get by pretty easy here.

If you can get here cheap then I recommend it.

P.S. RyanAir fly into Charleroi about 45km south east of Brussels it is a good 40 minute train ride into the city (cheapest way to get here) or a Euro50 taxi ride.

How do.

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the autist formerly known as flinch

I half remember a great joke - one of theose how many .... does it take to change a lightbulb jokes - it was a sting of IT jobs, from, programmers, analysts, documentation, through to it help desk and maintainance staff, all passing the buck futher down the line for actually having to change the bulb, eventually leaving the user to work it out themselves.

I can't remember the wording now and always wish i could because it was so spot on - i don't suppose you know it?

How do.

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Like you cannot remember it.

I had a friend who worked as a contractor managing desktop support, the Co he was working at was having lots of PC problems and he had to make a presentation to the board as to where the problem lay. He did the usual report etc. but when pushed for a simplistic summary of the problem he advised them that "the problem appears to lie somewhere between the chair and the keyboard". Not surprisingly they terminated his contract!!

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How do.

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