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So any chance of a smiley?

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Well is there? smiley - smiley

So any chance of a smiley?

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I expect so but the person I am currently standing in for is responsible for those - I will ask on their return. OK

So any chance of a smiley?

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No don't worry. Us footie fans at h2g2 have been gently winding up the staff over the absence of a smiley - football smiley, what with the World Cup coming up and all. Well as you're new on the staff it was your turn to be prodded smiley - winkeye

Of course, if you've got a couple of spare moments.... smiley - bigeyes

So any chance of a smiley?

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

G'day Researcher 191318 smiley - biggrin Welcome!!!

BTW - why don't you give yourself a name - it would make it a bit less impersonal smiley - biggrin

And take no notice of GreyDesk *waves at GreyDesk* - he, and the other footy maniacs, will continue trying it on smiley - laugh Just ignore them - we do smiley - winkeye

smiley - peacedove

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