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Jane calling Mo... :-)

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Hiya Mo,

Just in case you manage to make it in here anytime soon, I thought I`d say Hi. smiley - smiley

My emails have been playing up something chronic lately. Its telewest and their `improving the service` routine. smiley - grr

Hope everythings going ok.

Keep smiling. smiley - smiley

lotsa smiley - love
smiley - magic

Jane calling Mo... :-)

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Hi Jane!
Trying to get back into the swing of hootoo-ing! Real life's kinda taken over a bit.
Things here are good though.
I'm volunteering at the school. It's fun, even if I do want to sellotape some of the kids to the blackboard! (some of them are right evil wee smiley - monster!!)
Kiddo's just getting over a mild strain of scarlet fever. He's dosed up to the eyeballs on antibiotics and is feeling loads better. He's just playing on it now! Think he likes having a slave!
Hope you & yours are all ok.
smiley - love mo. xxx
smiley - biggrinsmiley - hugsmiley - peacesignsmiley - rose

Jane calling Mo... :-)

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Hiya Mo smiley - biggrin

I can't get into anything at the moment! TW have been playing up something chronic and I'm still having trouble with emails etc. Best thing to date!!!!!...... I've now got no tv service and its going to be two days before they replace the box. Thats why I've finally succumbed to using the pc and leaving the lads on the cube downstairs. smiley - laugh

Thats great about the volunteering and I understand what you mean about sellotaping the kids!! I did a little volunteering of a similar kind myself at one time and unfortunately, superglue prooved insufficient. smiley - laugh

So sorry to hear about Mick and his scarlet fever. I really hope hes recovered now. You probably wont get this message because I've had terrible trouble myself and have only been able to gain access via the pc. (All the changes etc)

When I finally get to emails... I'll catch you up on everything and vice versa. smiley - smiley

In the meantime... take care Mo..... smiley - loveya loads.

smiley - hugsmiley - cuddle

smiley - magic

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