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Greetings kow please reply.

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Greetings kow I've been trying to track you down for ages, thought you left this site? Hows digital spy? Oh yes happy belated birthday for January. So tell me are you using the new h2g2 as in front page dolphin? Are the normal Alabaster/Brunel/Goo/Plain? Bet your wondering who I am yes. Don't worry I'm not here cause pain hehe if do have caught on do not mention my name smiley - ok I don't mention who you are ie your name. I did leave a message on msn for you to Email my other address not my hotmail I don't use but you don't seem to want to get back. Go check out my personal space. Only if your using the old skin I dislike the new set up the dolphin. I can also be reached here don't worry about the mobi at the end PC users use the same url. I've learnt so much. Oh did I mention you can get on the new site via digi hehe but can't log in do you use digi at all? Link plain? I type this you try ok you tell me what you see via digi TTFN. smiley - devil

Greetings kow please reply.

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Rumours of my elvising are greatly exaggerated, I still pop in from time to time, just busy in RL.

I'm aware you can still access via the email link, it's a bit pointless since you can't post though, it won't matter for much longer since h2g2 will be leaving the Beeb soon enough, then access will go completely, not that it hasn't been a bad run.

I had a look at your HumTum site before when you left me the link, not really my sort of thing, I don't think I'll be going back. You can mainly find me playing the games on Facebook.smiley - winkeye

I hope you and yours are well.smiley - smiley

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Greetings kow please reply.

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