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An empty sadness

My son came in earlier, and announced he's moving out tomorrow. He's 18, well 19 next month. I guess it's been on the cards since my partner moved in, almost three years ago, they didn't get on at all, though they were just as bad a as each other, it was difficult at times to tell which was the stroppy teenager, and which was the mature adult. But I didn't think he'd really move out, not yet..........

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Origin of my name solved :-)

I finally found out what the song was that I got Emmily from, I like the name Emily, but I also chose it from remembering the line -

>"Emily I'm gonna write your name high on that silver screen."

but didn't know what song it had come from, and hadn't tried to find out, I happened to come across it last night. smiley - biggrin

It's from 'Emma' by Hot Chocolate. smiley - magic

smiley - bluebutterfly

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Bleeping Kids

17 October 2005, 8.29pm

They're throwing stones at my front room window, which I'm sitting right next to, the window is double glazed, hopefully it won't break; but it's still scary. I'm on my own at the moment, partner is at work and son is out.

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Profits over Poeple

I got a letter today, telling me that I was no longer required at my little evening job in the coffee bar at the local adult education college, as it was not cost effective. smiley - sadface

I was originally employed by the college department to offer a service requestd by the evening students. Another department took over the coffee bar a few months back, employed their own staff, and expanded it into a cafe, and also used some of the rooms as meeting and conference rooms offering a buffet service. This department is more concerned with making a profit, than with offering a service or people.

I also believe this is what they wanted from the start, as the only staff member (there were 2 of us, the other worked daytime and left just before the take-over) from the old department, I was like a sitting tenant, and they were waiting for an excuse to get rid of me. smiley - sadface

(Animal, great photos smiley - smiley I've not read all of the post yet)

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Please ignore this, I'm just testing something, and hoping this is in my (Emmily's) journal. smiley - ermsmiley - oksmiley - smiley

smiley - bluebutterfly

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