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Still Here After All These Years

Yep I'm still here. So where have I been since my last Journal posting in 2012? Busy turning my life around and doing what I want to with it. I hadn't had much luck with work since I left the Hospital in 2009 a few jobs that lasted about a year or so but I now work as a cook in a local care home, it was hard for the first year or so because the administration at the time saw me as 'Staff' and not as a person, I had to do as I was told and not to have an opinion but the new administration see's me as Coral the Cook and asks for my opinion, recipe's and ideas. I was actually asked on the staff Xmas Meal last year after being ignored the previous year and been out on'Works drinkies' too, in other words I'm a lot happier.

In other news, I became a professional Tarot Reader for a couple of years between jobs, which I loved doing but gave it up because I was spending more to get to work than I was making, but I'm still available. I'm also now a qualified Astrologer after a year of study I'm compedent and confident of my new abilities to predict and uncover personality traits. I discovered all this latent ability 2 years ago during my Jupiter Return (If you really want to know, I'll explain) and I've never looked back. I've found a hiddden depth in me since I started all this Woo Woo Stuff, I'm no longer blending into the wallpaper, letting other people take charge, I'm making my own decisions, not letting people walk all over me and not so uptight.

Me and Stuart are still together, after 15 years and my daughter is 24 this year, WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM!!!!

Soo that is what I've been doing for the last 6 years.

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HooTooverary of Epic Preportions

I have been on h2g2 for Ten Years as of today. Once upon a time I was a member of the Cult Board (remember that?) and joined in a camping trip to Alton Towers, with those who were members of the Board and H2g2. As soon as I got home I signed up and I've been here ever since.

Happy Hootooversary Me.
smiley - giftsmiley - bubblysmiley - cake

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I've been abused...

By Professor Brian Cox on Twitter.

He and Dara O'Briain have been pretty disparaging about Astrologers and 'Fortune Teller's' in general, I said it was a science just as much as Astronomy is and to beware of who you abuse as Karma can bite your arse without warning.

His reply "Karma is b******s"

Mine "A proper scientist would sit down calmly and listen to both sides of the story and form a proper opinion"

His reply "B******s"

And I used to respect this man for the way he made Astronomy appeal to the people.

Now I see him for a small minded bigot

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It was 8 years ago today...

...That I joined Hootoo, yep I've been here for 8 years, not as much now as I used to be, seen a lot of changes, good and bad, met good people and lost good people too, we've welcomed and we've morned a lot in 8 years too.

Also yesterday was my birthday, another h2g2, my age now is the same as the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

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Heigh Ho Heigh Ho It's Off to Work I Go

Yes, after nearly a year I've finally got myself a new, perminant job. I start today as a chef in a new cafe bar opening in Southsea. The grand opening night is on Saturday but we're having a get together brainstorming session over the next few days as we all muck in to get the place ready. I'm really looking forward to this, not just because I've been existing on what the Government give me but everyone starts on an equal footing, no trying to fit in with already established groups.

Bring it on

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