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never ever....

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....have kids, your probably one of the monsters that shake thier babies to death because they cry, id think twice about keeping animals as they are prone to noise making also...have you thought of anger managment classes?

never ever....

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I don't want to go into a heavy debate about my behaviour, but I can assure you that I would never harm a child.

Perhaps when I said I get angry, I used the wrong word. Irritated is closer to the mark I think, especially in the context of a crampped supermarket as I mentioned. I take offence to such a crass and unfounded accusation.

I understand the importance of empathy and the reasons why children and babies do cry. They have no understanding of certain adult things and that should be noted. I do not tolerate excessive physical force upon the young.

Had you known me in real-life, and not judged me on two sentences as it appears you have done, then you would know that I am a very calm, collected and mature individual. WHEN I intend to have children (I'm 18 at the moment) I intend to the best damn job I can.

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