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Hi there Superploker or should I say David Gray

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Hi I`m Cybercat
How are you?
I thought I would introduce myself.
I`m 17 and from Luton, England.
My RL name is Claire Gazeley-a horrible name isn`t it?
smiley - smileysmiley - biggrin

Hi there Superploker or should I say David Gray

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I'm fine thanks. smiley - biggrin

Luton, Luton...*tries, unsucessfully to picture where Luton is*
I shall have to find a map.

17, eh? What do you do? Are you working, in college?

Gazeley? That's a very interesting name, not horrible. A horrible name would be something like...erm, "Eric Faeces" or "Scrotum Jones" or "Jeffery Archer".

It's funny, but more people make Harry Potter realted jokes than singer David Gray jokes because they think I look like him. I always though I resmebled Brad Pitt myself, or should that be Brad's Pit?

Nice to hear from you. It's nice to be approached, I haven't really got to know anyone very well yet.

Hi there Superploker or should I say David Gray

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Its nice to hear back from you
smiley - biggrin
You`ll get to know everyone don`t worry
I go to college and I work in a shoe shop at the weekend
I`m sure you look like Brad Pitt but I prefer Bredan Fraser myself.
smiley - blush
GAZELEY-well my grandma was Welsh so it might be a welsh name?
So how are you? What have you been up to and give me some details please?
smiley - smiley

Hi there Superploker or should I say David Gray

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I haven't been up to much recently.

Erm, let's see...ooh...uh....*scratches head*...dum-de-dum...

Oh! I saw a marathon of "Marion and Geoff" on PlayUK on Sunday. It's a tremendous programme about a cabby called Keith. We follow his life through a camcorder mounted on his dashboard and he comtemplates life while at the same time mourning the break-up of his marriage. His wife, Marion, ran off with their kids with her boss, Geoff, hence the title. The episodes are only 10 minutes long each but wonderfully written/performed.

That's about it really. That and I've got my first A-Level exam next week, the ever wonderful General Studies.smiley - yikes

Oh, while I remember, I presume you like sci-fi, so:

It's very funny. smiley - biggrin

Apart from this, and the journey to Betelguise I took yesterday, nothing much else happened.


Hi there Superploker or should I say David Gray

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Well mine hasn`t been nearly as eventful as yours

Hi there Superploker or should I say David Gray

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I'm not sure how to carry on this conversation. smiley - sadface

Erm, how about listing your favourite film, TV show, song and book?

Mine are:

Film: A Night At The Opera/Jurassic Park/ North By Northwest
TV Show: Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Song: There Goes My First Love - The Drifters
Book: Hitchihiker's Guide to the Galaxy (of course) smiley - smiley

What are you into?

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