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A close eye on me eh.

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The Madcap Laughs

Maybe then you could have kept me out of some of the trouble I've gotten into recently!! Sheesh would have left me more time to slave away here on my Formula One stuff atleast.

Anyways... if you don't mind a few edits on entry A914979 (Formula One Vocabulary).

Please strike out the 107% rule as it no longer exists. Also strike its reference in the "Race Stewards" part.

Add in:

Drive Through Penalty - A penalty handed down for a minor infraction such as jumping a start or passing under a yellow flag. By driving through the pit lane at the pit lane speed limit a driver than looses a lot of time on the track. Usually around 20 to 30 seconds.

Stop and Go - A penalty handed down that falls somewhere between a Drive Through and a Ten Second Penalty where a driver must enter pit lane, come to a complete stop in their respective stall, and then they may leave.

Ten Second Penalty - When a driver is directed by the race stewards to enter pit lane and stop in their stall for a predermined length of time. The car cannot be worked on during this period as this is a punitive action. Usually handed out for a major jump start or major pass under yellow flag conditions.

Jump Start - A Formula One race starts with all cars lined up on the track in two colums. There are five lights which light up one by one and then they all go off. When they go off the race has begun and the cars may begin to move. This is setting ones car in motion before the lights have gone off.

Marbles - Bits of rubber worn off the tires over the period of the race that acumulate off the normal racing line. The name comes from the fact that driving over them creats a distinct lack of grip and makes the care more difficult to drive.

Intermediates - A tire designed to run in slightly damp conditions. It does not have the deep grooves of a wet weather tire to diperse water but provides some grip in slippery conditions. Just as wets they can deteriate rapidly if used on a dry track.

Wets - A term used to describe tired used in wet weather conditions. These tires have deep grooves the litterally throw the water up behind the car alowing for improved grip in the rain. These tires however degrade very quickly in dry conditions as the heat up and wear away.

Slicks - A tire nolonger used in Formula One. These were grooveless tires designed to achieve maximum grip in dry conditions. They were useless in the rain or damp but provied maximum grip in normal conditions.

Grooves - The tires run on now by Formula One cars. Basically they are slicks with a predetermined number of thin grooved cut in them. These grooves were put in place to reduce grip and hopefully slow cars down. Each tire must have a certain depth of groove left on it when changed also to prevent teams from running the tired back down to a slick level.

Thanks... smiley - smiley

Hope to have more for you soon!


A close eye on me eh.

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Mu Beta

Hi Eric.

This entry is now out of my hands; you need to take all changes to <./>Feedback-Editorial</.>. As the Editors took most of it on without your consent (we thought you'd gone!), I shouldn't think they'd have any problem changing it.

As for 'keeping an eye on' - you know that's my cunning use of the tag, right?smiley - ok


A close eye on me eh.

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The Madcap Laughs

better a and a right? lol

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