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Less than a second this time .......

Well, today has been a strange one.

Was online earlier and tried to post something but my keyboard had obviously been studying languages while I slept and kept typing random selections of letters - even when I only pressed one keysmiley - weird

Didn't have time to get to the bottom of that problem because I needed to be on my way to drama.smiley - run

Well, I didn't quite run, I was walking very carefully actually. The street was like glass a very pretty but treacherous jet black sheen covered the ground. Then I did. smiley - facepalm

Cover the ground that is. Splat! There I was for the second time in a week nose to nose with the pavement.smiley - blush

It was rather more difficult to get up this time since I'm no Jane Torville and didn't have the correct footwear to enable purchase on such a surface but I made it in the end.smiley - puff

The good thing is that I fell on my right side this time so the left side can continue healing.smiley - zen

So when I got home I tried to get to the bottom of the keyboard thing - to no avail. I'm wondering is it something to do with the batteries being almost dead? Who knows? I'll buy some batteries when I'm at the battery shop next week and see if it's gone for good or just needs a break.

I'm typing this on an old keyboard that I kept for such emergencies and it has a very, very sticky keyboard - that's annoying but better than trying to read/write on the 7 inch netbook.smiley - cdouble

smiley - mouse

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It only took a second .....

...but we all know how relative time is.smiley - rolleyes

I was just nipping into the shop for a teeny, tiny errand. It was dark, cold and a bit wet.smiley - ok

I exited the car and took the first step smiley - footprints, that went quite well, nothing of great note.smiley - zen

Then I sort of relaxed into it and took the second step. It was also a good step, without incident.smiley - footprints

It was the third step that went horribly wrong. smiley - petunias

The third step resulted in me prostrate on the hard wet ground.

Quite how or why hasn't been resolved yet even with the post-fall inquest but lying on the ground was definitely the result of the third step.smiley - wah

Because the ground was cold and wet I didn't stay there for too long and bounced back up smiley - boing just as a customer was emerging from the pool of light that is the local Mace.

'Are you alright, love?' he said

*jumps up* 'I'm grand, thanks' says I

'Are you sure nothing's broken'? he continues

*walks away* 'No, I'm sure, I'm fine, fine, thanks'.

I went into the store and made my purchase while trying to sneak a look at my left hand for signs of blood/broken bones but it looked pretty normal.

I left and sat in the car for a while.

Now when we're young our skin is springy and it sort of scrapes, when we're really old our skin's like paper and tears. Good fortune has me right in the middle with the skin of an elephant or possibly smiley - mammoth because there wasn't a mark on my skin.smiley - cool

Having said that my left wrist, elbow, knee and ankle are sore and I'm not entirely sure I should be throwing myself on the ground like that at my age.smiley - whistle

Note to self: keep a closer eye on the third step of any future journey.

smiley - mouse

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Messing with my memory

There was nothing worth watching on the television earlier this evening so I was flicking through and found a Tommy Cooper Christmas Special on Channel 5.smiley - applause

I always loved Tommy Cooper and thought - I'll watch this, it'll remind me how good he was and how great Christmas was when I was growing up.smiley - senior

Anyway, to cut a long story short it was pretty abysmal. It was funny in small parts but for the greatest part it was ..... average. To make it worse the music acts to make Christmas complete were ....... are you ready? ......... can you take the suspense? ..........

Clodagh Rodgers and Sacha Distel.smiley - headhurts

I remember the 1970s as being way more fun than that - I think I'll avoid any further trips down memory lane and stick to the clip shows where at least they show the 'best' of memories.

smiley - mouse

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By the left .......

quick march!

I've just read some posts that reminded me of a yarn I heard years ago.

There was a proud Mummy at her son's 'passing out' parade with the Army.
She took a few friends and they sat in the stand and watched the ceremony and ensuing march past. The uniforms were sharp and the marching was fine, it was a sight to behold. Then Mummy pointed out the her son was the only one in step!

Who knew?

smiley - mouse

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The view from goo

Last night I realised that the reasons I was viewing/using brunel were no longer valid. The tools don't work with chrome and that sort of thing. So I thought I'd give it a go in goo - my original and favourite skin.smiley - drool

It's lovely.smiley - drool

It's been so long since I've used it and it's soooo loverly.smiley - drool

I think I love the view from goo.smiley - drool

smiley - mouse

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