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hi there!

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hi there smiley - winkeye im kinda new here (one week) and i saw yer ickle question re:doctor who, and i thought Goody! a fellow fan! smiley - cool so here i am saying hello! WARNING! usual old question coming up! wots yer fave bit of Who? so long, and thanks for the hitch hikers pic on yer page- spk to ya soon-i hope! smiley - biggrinsmiley - blushsmiley - cheers

hi there!

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Andy Barber

Hiya, I'm kinda new around here too! But, I'm finding my way around. I've been asked about me favourite who moment on many occassions and you know I've never given a definite answer to it.

There are many moments when the hair on the back of my neck stands up to during a I'll list some of my favourites in no particular order

1. The 'Do I have the right' speech from Genesis of the Daleks. Classic Tom, and nice to see the Doctor thinking about consequences.

2. 'One day I shall come back' from Dalek's Invasion of Earth. The departure of one of the first companions..Susan no less. Bless old Bill, he doesn't even fluff his lines either.

3. The scene with Victoria and the second Doctor when asked about his family. 'I can bring them...but only when I concentrate and really want to..otherwise, they sleep in my mind.' Wonderful performance and very touching.

4. Virtually every line in Kinda and Peter Davison. I really like that story...even if it's a bit over-rated.

5. Ghost-light contains some classic surreal moments..very dark in it's humour which appealled to me.

So there you go..some of my favourite Who many to list really!!

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