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The broken thumbs one is false, right? Unless you repeatedly fell over practicing No.3, and Iceland was a red herring.


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Heehee. Actually the tap dancing one is the false one. I did break both of my thumbs (just not at the same time). When I was 4 years old (and living in Iceland--my Navy Dad was stationed in Keflavik), I slammed a car door on my right thumb and broke it. When I was 12 and playing a soccer match, someone did a slide kick right when I was about to lay into the ball. I kicked his shin with a mighty whack and went over. Broke my left thumb in the smash up. What's really gross is that it dislocated and I was terrified so I smashed it back in place. (Probably more than you ever wanted to know about thumbs)!
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A staid husband doesn't sound like such a bad idea...smiley - winkeye

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