Well, what's all this, then?


Lots and lots of virtual reality, and all for me, eh? Well, what shall I make of it? Let's see now ... I think I want here a huge pleasant park! How huge? Well ... no limits here, but for practical reasons let's say, an hundred million square miles. Lots of wonderful shady trees all over the place, and lots of open ground below and between them too, and also beds of flowers and shrubs. There are the more 'formal' arrangements of trees and other plants, spaced evenly and planted neatly in beds, and then there are also arrangements that look more wild, the way they would grow in nature. We have here examples of every single species of flowering plant, and every kind of vegetation, on earth. Of every species not just one, but a couple of thousands of individuals of each, and very extensive regions of vegetation for every type.

Our park is representative of the ecoregions of the planet Earth. In this piece of virtual reality in which it is situated, the climate conveniently varies from arctic and antarctic at the northern and southern ends, to tropical in the centre. There are also a few mountain ranges running from north to south through the park, dividing off moister regions in the east from drier regions in the west. In the east we have forests, in the west we have grasslands and deserts. The very far north and south is covered with arctic tundra and antarctic ice sheets.

Our park is also full of animals. Like with the plants, we have representatives of all living species. Seeing as this is virtual reality, we also have a number of extinct kinds represented: mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, ground sloths, glyptodonts (use Google), Tasmanian tigers, moas, elephant birds, dodos, and more. The animal-life is more or less like it was at the end of the Miocene/beginning of the Pliocene period, when the amount and diversity of mammal species was at its absolute highest. What's even better, our animals are all really, really tame! You can walk right up to a sabre-toothed tiger and scratch it behind the ear without fear. You can ride on everything that's big enough to bear you. So have fun!

In such a large place, how do you get around? Well, most people actually choose to walk! There is no hurry here. You can take as long as you like to get from one place to another. There are kiosks where you can get boots and hiking equipment for free, and also food and drink. There are huts with beds and bathrooms where you can stay overnight. There are enough of these that one is always within easy reach. For people who want to go a little faster, there are swift horses and many stables where they can be fed and exchanged with fresher horses. If that is still not fast enough for you, we also have helicopters! From them you can view the park from above, and they can go as slow as you like, or at speeds up to almost the speed of sound. They are very quiet, though, so as not to disturb the animals and other people.

The park is surrounded by ocean. There are extensive sandy beaches, totally clean, unstained by any oil or other pollutants, as well as stretches of rocks and cliffs, and spaces where the forest reach right up to the surf. Boats, waterskis and diving equipment are provided. Marine life include vast numbers of dolphins, seals and whales. There are sharks too but they are friendly towards humans. In the tropical regions there are coral reefs with a stupefying diversity of beautifully-coloured fish, corals, and other marine life. On the sandy beaches you can pick up magnificent, undamaged shells of every kind. They are so abundant that even though the park receives many visitors each day, they can pick up as many as they like without causing any significant decrease in their number.

Well, there you have a park for your pleasure. This is actually my home, this is where I will stay here on h2g2, but I welcome visitors ... the more the better! I hope you like what I've done with the place! I will think some more, and maybe we can have a few additions to what he have here! Be free and have fun.

Visitors, please drop me a note telling me if you've been here and if you've enjoyed it!

Off h2g2, you can reach me here, by email:

[email protected]

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