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My blog is down. Waiting for it to be fixed. Wanted to write an intelligent piece tonight. But noooo. Won't let me.


I decided to fill in the green spacey thing on the Trillian contact list, and get me an ICQ account. Just in case anyone else wants to talk to me - so it's #247786504 for anyone who cares. smiley - winkeye

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More New Pics

Just updated my yahoo hosting page with more pictures of me.

Me with make up.

smiley - smiley

Link :

Hopefully, that will stop people asking for more.

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OK. My new blog is up.

Coded by one aka.

Designed by one Me.

There's nothing on it right now, but there will be once I finish all the updating I have to do.

smiley - smiley


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New stuff.

After about half an hour of being back on the site (plus a change in my bedding, which I sensibly left until 1:45am to do), I remember what I meant to come here and do.

*bangs the keyboard repeatedly, having missed the enter key and hit plastic, and not realised it*

smiley - doh

OK. I am tired.

Anyway, I should be having a nice new spanking pretty clean blog up tomorrow. Maybe. aka and I spent aaaaages tonight coding (him) and organising the aesthetics (me) of how it should look. Muchos Gracias to the aka. It won't be on the Blogger site. In fact, I don't know WHERE it will be. But it will be. And that is all that matters. I don't have to deal with any HTML which makes me a happy bunny. And I get a nice blog up. With all that I need. And NO ADVERTS.

This is actually more than I put up on my blog. Weirdness.

Anyway, for all that miss this, or get here too late, or who just...I don't know...for all that don't, I will post an announcement journal entry, put the new link up on this page, as well as direct all to my new blog via my old blog. So there will be no excuse for not going there.

Of course, this is very annoying for all you who have got used to the current arrangement, but trust me, it will be nicer to look at.

smiley - smiley

In other, more local news, I am progressing well with my current writing project. I now just need a printer.

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New photos up on the yahoo page. Go look.

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