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Things I need to do today.

I know I have a CD burner thing on this contraption. I just don't know how to use it. Same goes for this flatbed scanner.

I also need to do some shopping.

But that's about it.

smiley - doh

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Guess what?

The last journal entry came from my uncle's laptop...

Now I am at home!


Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen...I am back online!


OK. Things I have discovered during the last 30 minutes :

1. 1445+ emails waiting to be deleted.
2. I have too much to do.
3. I have to still install some drivers.
4. I missed my net life. smiley - wah

So TALK TO ME PEOPLE... I can reply now...

smiley - smiley

In the words of shamed pop star Gary's good to be back...

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I actually get online, and who is out there? NO ONE.

Typical. Typical, typical.

My life : in about 3 weeks, something interesting will happen. But nothing I can speak about. Oh I do love to tease you all. Right now, my life is an inescapable circular routine of boredom, books and TV. Ain't life grand?

smiley - yawn

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Important Saturnine News

A few things people should know:

1. I am alive and well. (Although some people may be disappointed to hear that..)

2. I will be back online probably around January.

3. I have lost all my links and email addresses, I will be posting a new email address as soon as I get one, I will need everyone's help to build all that back up again.

4. I have been reading lots of books so I will be debating even more than ususual furor.

5. I miss you all, even the obnoxious ones!

Speak to you soon!


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smiley - cheers

Although, they changed the title. smiley - erm

But still. 85% of it is written by me.


*kudos to the ones that finished it*

smiley - smiley

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