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Take what you can/It's never even...

Spent too much time reading Goth comments. Now I feel like depleted Uranium.

Uri Gellar is an excellent writer...I read *ELLA* yesterday afternoon...I recommend it quite strongly...

No more now. My eyes are turning in my head...


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Latest reply: Sep 22, 2002

Dusty Corners...

I often wonder just how many people pass this way. I'm not one for popularity, or being social though. It's good to have a corner thats rather dusty and smells strange...

I'm currently agonising my way through Lord Of the Rings. WHY OH WHY didn't I read it when I was younger. Classics are like chickenpox : best dealt with by youth. And I am only 18!! Advice to all parents; give your children the classics to read, as opposed to Harry Potter. That book is the only piece of writing I advocate burning.

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Every now and again, as I delve through this site, it hits me just HOW valuable all of this is. There is such a wealth of knowledge and opinions, all freely given and exchanged, and displayed. Its amazing. In a few years, there will be just SO much on here...I've learnt an amazing amount of knowledge just by typing in a word and clicking a button. This is a rare haven on the net...people, APPRECIATE IT. Contribute to it, and you've contributed to someone else.

Very hippy-esque, but it benefits everyone. Don't let anyone take it away.

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Latest reply: Jul 9, 2002

Seeing people.

I keep on seeing strange versions of famous people whenever I venture out beyond my door.
In the last 3 months, I've seen Jesus in the library, Charles Manson in the queue to get into Ozzfest 2002, Kathy Buerke working in Bristol Temple Meads station...the list goes on...

It's quite scary actually...

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Latest reply: Jul 8, 2002

Back once more

Phew! Been away for a while, doing very little but getting tired all the same. I quit college, took up an awful cleaning job under the recently reincarnated soul of Stalin; then quit and here I am.

Things I am VERY excited about :
**Ozzfest 2002 at Castle Donnington in Kent next week. I cant bloody wait!! Argh! The best line up in the world...well OK its good. Damn good.
**My 18th birthday tattooing

Not much else going on for me. Im trying to get something kicked off creatively; either writing-wise or musically. Not much luck though...

Anyway, its good to be back. Sunny days are here again...

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Latest reply: May 16, 2002

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