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All around this place are witty and quirky people. I have no idea what to write on this thing any more. I blame society.

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I wonder : does anyone have heroes these days? Everyone I come across is soulless...too afraid or too dead to admit that they have passions...there is JUST so much magic around...I feel like I'm the only one who sees it!!!!

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Hair dilemma

To bleach or not to bleach...that is the question on my mind.

Ok. So a cheesy Shakespeare quote modification isn't the best way to think. But I'm debating on whether to spend the last of my cash on bleaching my hair blonde. Any thoughts? Anybody out there have any knowledge of the best cheap hair lighteners?

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ALEC EMPIRE STEPPED ON MY FACE!!!! no one really likes to read about real fear & I'm not going to post what culminated after the Alec Empire gig @Manchester Academy III on Saturday October the 5th.

However...what I sold my soul for was basically becoming part of the chaos at the end of the gig. Alec's second stage dive sent me flying to the floor...I got up hazily & found that the person that was providing the main leverage for my rising was none other than the sweaty Christ-like German himself. He was completely catatonic though...relying on the rest of the crowd to hold him up. eyes rolled into the back of his head, etc etc. I ended up with my arms around his half naked body...trying to stay up whilst the crowd held him on his feet.

However, I fell down AGAIN! This time, right under the pit...and it's one of those places where your lungs start burning, you can't see any natural light and you think *right, I'm gonna die now*...I'm only a little girl & I was drunk too...somehow, Alec's boot managed to land right on my face - kinda like a leather kiss - as he was lifted on top of the crowd. People started falling, ME underneath...when suddenly, like some surreal dream, this figure climbed over me to protect me! Like a guardian angel!!!!!! It was like a film or something. Don't ask me to explain it. I don't know who it was, or what they looked like, apart from he had dreads/maybe braids, and was male...he kept on saying *don't worry, it's gonna be Ok*...

So if anyone reads this and knows who it was...get him to contact me. I realllllly want to say thankyou.

But a surreal fantastic gig, nonetheless... smiley - smiley

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When your whole world is against you, it's not entirely unreasonable to want to lay down and fade away. To be told you are weak, stupid and a loser by someone you thought you were connected to...that's the real meaning of pain. All I am doing is trying to be a real person.

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