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I've written 800+ words of pure dialogue. Got bored, frustrated and ended up in a dead end. Came back here for inspiration smiley - smiley

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I'm stuck on Channel 4 and it's a scary programme about female bits.

smiley - run

But aside from that bizarre fact, I have to go off and at least finish off chapter 14 properly. Otherwise today will be a complete non-event, as have the last 5 days or so. Time really is money folks...and I have little time and no money. I HAVE to move out, have some resemblance of a life...

It's weird how thinking/talking/writing alleviates a damp mood. But it does! Hooray!

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Under Pressure!

Why does my synopsis sound so cool? But my book sicken me to boredom? Could it be that I've actually got a great book in the works...but I can't see it for the mind-numbing editing?

I trawl through the words...keep going...die...

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Just sat waiting for people to reply to posts etc etc. Haven't put in a decent Journal Entry for a while.

This coming week I need to get up to and past chapter 17. Which I think means I have to kill the priest the best concepts I've some up with, next to the ending. Sneak plot glimpse there. But it's actually pretty harrowing, killing off a character. Especially when I know it's the start of more unpleasantaries for him...and there's nowhere else to go but down down down. Depressing!! It also spirals off a heck of a lot of violence and sex (ooh matron!) and inevitable ending. The middle is the scariest part of writing. A great huge void, and somehow you have to get to the ending so that it turns out exactly how you want it to be. Of course that never happens! But I am pretty sure that I can get through it.

Another thing I have to do this week is get my letter to the first-agency-of-my-choice written and sent. Now that's another hard thing. It may only be a letter, but it is basically like the preliminary interview. You HAVE to make a good impression. You HAVE to put yourself across in the right manner. ANd you HAVE to be honest. One of the things about writing, is that it is like an extension of your persona. You can't fake anything. There's no time for it. So it feels very pressurised...but ah...I'll do it. Having to sell a CD to buy food is enough motivation.

Other's just basically that. There are a few more personal things that I won't mention, but hey, you'll get to read it in my autobiography so it doesn't matter. I probably won't stop using sites like this after I've managed to get published...which is a bizarre thought.

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My memory is awful. I can never remember what I like. For instance, there are all these great recipes for packed lunches on here, and they all incorperate my favorite foods...tortilla, crackers, salsa's, salads, dressings, nuts...mmmm...but if not prompted, I can't recall any of it. It's madness. And really frustrated.

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