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Just meandering around the echoey h2g2 at this unearthly hour. Was a choice between writing here; or in my actual diary; or going to bed. Preferred here. Less movement needed.

Um. Um. Um. My Guide Entry should be finished sometime soon, as most people know. It's a little stop&start at the moment re : development because of the limited memry I am working with. But in two parts, with links at the bottom, it works quite well. I'm actually quite stunned at the quality. It's been about a year since I had to write an essay of some sorts, and so I had forgotten how well I can write the things. Pending the reaction of the Big People that decide what goes into the Edited versions (and more importantly on the Front Page), there may or may not be more to come. Mind you, I am an Unoffical Procrastinator, so it's more than likely that there will be. Just couldn't knuckle down this week to the middle of the book. It's the worst part. The ending is absolutely cracking, so I'll struggle for a few weeks in getting there, and before you know it, it will be finished, and you will have a HAPPY LESS BURDENED me on your hands. Mind you, I'm not so miserable right now.

On the same lines, I'm quite happy at the collection of knowledge I am getting about New Orleans. The plans seem to be falling together quite nicely. Finish the book, get it off to an agent that wants me on their books, Wait around for a while, and they get back to me on it all. If I'm lucky, I will be faced with a bunch of non-formal meetings with publishers, editors, proofreaders, which I will put up with, without a fuss, as long as they chuck a £15 grand cheque at me and let me go away to write the next one in New Orleans. The New Orleans thing goes as such (so far)...sort out the paper side of things - ticket, passport, medical insurance, maps, travel guides, visa's etc. Then the housing side - looks like flat-sharing is the best option, because it comes with hoepfully friendly people, furnishings and net connections. Purchase a few necessities - suitcases, lap top(plus software). Catch the plane and live in New Orleans for 6 months. Couldn't be a more perfect soul-fulfilling idea if I tried...

Hmm. Shocking. I actually have a path to travel right now. Albeit a little longer than I thought it would be in the present space of time.

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Random Bristol

I am missing the Bristol scene now + all the randomness that comes along with it. I'm positive it's a Bristol thing. or at least a metal thing. Anyhoo, I am missing it.

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I'm all over the place. There are things I need to do, that aren't being done. I want to go out, but I can't find a space in the elementary plane of nothing that is life. I can't get back into writing, because I end up being too tired, and there is no coffee in the house. I'm subscribed to TOO many conversations on here, and am on here too long. Being female is shockingly apparent to me, in the form of blood and cramps. The short little path I thought I was on, in travelling to a specific point (ie:agent) has suddenly turned into the M25. I want to be writing poetry, but I can't find the words. Books have suddenly become flaccid and uninteresting. I have no money and no job, and therefore no right to an opinion by social definition, even less of one if I discover how to sign on and receive government cash. I haven't had any kind of functioning relationship for a while, and I miss some people in my life. I want to go and write in New Orleans more than anything. I also want my own flat. But it looks like agent+publishing takes a long long time. And everything is YELLOW. I wasn't ready to be an adult.

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*is suffering*

No painkillers.

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There I was thinking I could actually get some writing done...but no no no. I wonder whether I am actually going to get anywhere near finishing this book at the rate I am going. Perhaps it's some kind of Freudian anxious avoidant stage. Or writers block. Or smiley - bleep ing incapability.

So anyway, I'm up to 15, and have a nice big space waiting. 14 took 3000 words quite easily, but didn't feel too hefty. Bores me senseless to tell you the truth. Post-publishing, I'll hate to see the reviews. "Boring, nonsensical and basic trash - buy this at your peril". Ho hum. I wonder why. But it has to be finished, just for my own sensibilities. If I don't, then what else is there? I'm just trying to think of what the 60, 000-odd words will look like finished, and what I can get done after, and what I can buy and etc etc. And of being able to burn it and commit suicide, but that's another matter altogether.


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