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Blonde (Take Two)

So, once again I am sat, browsing h2g2 whilst feeling bleach soak into my hair and stripping away colour.

Last time it didn't really work, but I am pretty sure this time it will. I didn't do the roots first, I did the ends (only lightly, because I kinda like the ginger), then my fringe, then my roots.

Dying one's hair is such a big ass gamble with me. I'm not worried about the damage it does : my hair is really healthy. I'm more curious as to the colour.

I reckon I am about 25 minutes down, 1hr, 5 minutes to go. Although I am checking it after an hour.

smiley - smiley

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So I got my webcam up on Wednesday night. And last night a kind young damsel helped me put up my pictures on Yahoo Photos :

So, for anyone who wants to see what I look like (aside from those who know)...

There's a rather blurred picture of my tattoo up there too. smiley - smiley

And being that in a second, I am off to bleach my hair at another attempt at being blonde, there should be more photos up later today.

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Being Online on h2g2...

...yes folks, I am actually here.

Although, I don't know what to do now that I am. smiley - whistle

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*eats smiley - donuts*

I'm 19.


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Tiggy was put to sleep at about 9:45 pm tonight. It came back. He was in pain. Wasn't fair to keep him like he was : when the medication and the special diet weren't working, and it was returning every 3 months or so.

I am sad. smiley - blue

Tiggy : 1996-2003


smiley - cat

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