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hi Sat

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Just realised you might not have got my last message since I started a new thread for the photo album thingy:


I stupidly eliminated all the photo emails in my yahoo account (to make room for more) before replying to your last email.

Your photos are fab! Very nice indeed. Quite artistic. Thanks for adding them to my 'h2g2 friends photo gallery'.

I'll respond here to something you said in your email about not being sure which people 'hated' you. I hope you were not referring to me! I know we have 'crossed swords' at times in a couple of threads but, honestly, I don't hate anyone! At all. And certainly not you! So I hope your reference meant something else or if it meant me we can clear that up right now.

I find you a very challenging and intelligent and interesting person to debate with and quite respect how well you do this.

We don't always have to agree. But that doesn't mean I would end up thinking badly of you. Not at all. Okay? (if I misread your email and am apologising for nothing - let me know).

Meanwhile, the photo album is growing. It is so much fun for me to be doing this. It really feels nice that so many friends want to be a part of it.

See you later,

hi Sat

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Boxing Baboon (half here an half there )


hi Sat

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Ah, will check out the thread in just a sec! smiley - ok And thankyou for the compliment! But really, all I did was turn them into greyscale, as I have a thing about the way I look - changing the tones makes me feel all model like. *sighs* I wish I were a model. smiley - biggrin

I just couldn't remember how many people actually actively disliked me. Perhaps it's only creachy...smiley - laugh I just wanted to make *sure* in case you did hate me, and took offence!

No need to apologise. You've already complimented me waaaaay too much!

I love the photo album by the way. I already knew what some people look like, but it's nice to see some more. I like the pictures of you (you = pretty lady), as I wasn't expecting you to look like that. I don't know what to expect...really...I'm rambling now...making no sense...must...end post...

smiley - tongueout

hi Sat

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Boxing Baboon (half here an half there )

hello ive seen your mug shot satty

hi Sat

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Oh yes? Well, that is to be expected. Seeing as you are a lowlife with nothing better to do than stalk me.

But then, if you actually had a computer, and you could follow the links to my blog, you would have seen pictures months ago.

hi Sat

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Oh wait. You *do* have a computer. Perhaps you need to learn to use it.

I'm actually wondering whether Baboon is a bot...

hi Sat

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Boxing Baboon (half here an half there )

yean i may be sick but im not that sick enough to stalk you.+ who said i didnt have a computer? untill you and aka stop being arrogant i'll be around and watch every move you 2 make

hi Sat

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Researcher 178815

"untill you and aka stop being arrogant i'll be around and watch every move you 2 make"

And there you are, Officer. Admission. In its truest form.

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