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In reply to the other thread..

Really? I would've thought they start up in scotland myself, because that's where telewest originated, aparently...

Anyway, If they're doing England, I would've thought Knowsley would be first - which is pretty close to here anyway, so let's say NW England is first, then ending with Land's End?

Or not..

Speaking of e-mail, I once liked having [email protected], and [email protected], because they looked nice, tidy and neat for an e-mail address...

But recently, Blueyonder mail has been playing up too - They said the computer with my account on it deleted itself, so I'd have to start from scratch, and since that's been apparently "fixed", my e-mail has been non existent or extremely rare.

Take this afternoon for instance, I log on to my e-mail, and it says "Welcome, you have 3 new message(s).". Where the hell were they? God knows.. Because I sure as hell couldn't find them...

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I think the whole of that can be summed up in three words.


NEVER have I come across such a useless company. GAH!

Are you going to check out yoome2 (IE : New LD) when it launches? Mind you, that does involve recalling old instinctual use of the I-R keyboard...don't know whether you could manage it... smiley - smiley

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