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Is it really me?

Wow. I haven't posted on here for over a year. I'm a bad bad person! I really need to catch up and start updating things. Starting with my home page!

I'm sorry I disappeared from here, but I promise to try to change that! I've missed Hootoo so much!

Hopefully everyone is doing well and look forward to catching up with everyone again!!!

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Firstly, I would like to apologise to all out there in H2G2 land who've been hunting high and low for me. smiley - sorry

It's been an EXTREMELY busy year of life, love and in-betweens. smiley - run

My life this year:

Uni, work, new work, other work, uni, romance, heartbreak, family grievance, work.

Still trying to finish my darn degree... only a few subjects left. I took the last two years off and went back full time this year, whilst working full time. Been doing a few little filming jobs here and there as well, so it's been very hectic.

Got a new job in November, so working full time here now (SBS) and might not even go back to uni next year. Will see...

Re-met a guy I flinged with in January and we had a blissful three months together until the horrible break up around 5 weeks ago, so hence the heartache.

My grandmother is on her death bed at the moment... she was diagnosed with throat and tongue cancer around 6 months ago and now it's not controllable. I'm flying out to NZ tonight to go visit her. Fly back on Sunday evening in time for NYE and then back to work on Tuesday.

I think that covers most of this year for me.

Platypus - thanks for your email. I would have responded earlier had I remembered my password... smiley - blush

Linus - as per usual... smiley - tongueout

Feisor - I missed your wit. smiley - smiley

Once again, my sincerest apologies. Especially to Linus & Platypus for not turning up to the meet. My friend ended up surprising me with a call saying she'd just flown in to the country to visit me. smiley - grovel

Will get back on here like old times in no time. Honestly? It's great to be back. smiley - biggrin

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Sydneysiders should go here...

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Celebrate good times...

It's my birthday today!!! YAY!!!

smiley - disco

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New Computery goodness

Bought an iBook G4 two weeks ago and finally got it thursday night (was upgrading it to 1.5Gb RAM & 100Gb hard drive, so it took a while to get it custom made)...YAY!!!!

So excited!!! very very beautiful. here she is

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