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About time I updated this

I quit my job this week smiley - bubbly

Have decided to go buggering off around the world for a couple of years. Going to India, Australia, NZ and then maybe to Fiji, Japan and the US.

I leave on the 30th January and it hasn't really sunk in yet.
I think I'm quite sad to be leaving my friends and family. Everyone seems to be at turning points in their lives at the moment and when I get back I think it might be completely different. Although knowing where I live, I'm sure most things will still be the same as when I leave. I'm especially gutted to be missing out on seeing my sister growing up. She's 14 now, and by the time I get back she could have done all kinds of unspeakable things. I'm sure she's going to be a different person though.

Obviously though it's going to be a fantastic trip. My life is going nowhere at the moment, so some changes must be made, and I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing than getting off around the world for a while. Should be blinding. smiley - biggrin

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Decisions, decisons

After just spending two days off work because of general crappy health, I have been wondering whether or not to quit my job.

I have been working here for just under a year, and never had any intention of it being a 'permanent' career. The job pays well and certainly isn't one of the worst in the world (or else I wouldn't be able to spend so many hours on this smiley - biggrin) The problem is that it is very stressful, and can also be very dull at times, and it is quite simply getting me down.

I have been thinking of buggering off over the other side of the planet for quite some time now, only I have a student loan to pay off and it is quite a good opportunity to pay off the loan whilst I am getting a healthy wage.

So this is my problem. Do I chuck the job in and start travelling about Christmas time? Do I knuckle down at this job until I've paid off the loan and can then come back to the UK debt-free? Or do I chuck in the job, and look for something else that will enable me to pay off the loan, possibly a bit more slowly?

Any help/advice more than gratefully received smiley - smiley

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Steam valve

Don't really know what to use the Journal for. So I have decided to use it to rant at no-one in particular. Hopefully this way I won't clog up so many threads with incoherent crap.

Spurs were bloody awful on Sunday. What looked at one point to be the best season in years has ended already, and in total dissapointment. What a sorry sight it was to see everyone leaving after the fourth goal. Fair play to those who stayed and sang, just so those Chelsea b******s didn't get the ground to themselves.

Went to register at the docs on thursday. That was a mistake. I was told I had a abnormally high blood pressure reading. I'm only sodding 22 and already I have high blood pressure - this does bode well for the future doesn't it.

Well, that just about wraps up the exciting world of me for the week. I think I need a new job, this one gets me down, never have guessed would you?

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