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Maidenhead... hmm... I understand...

Witty?? Charismatic?? It's far too early in the morning for that...

Hi, I'm VIP.

I just thought I'd say hi because I love the name.

Erm... that's about it.



smiley - schooloffish


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

Wow, thanks for dropping by.

It's the first time anyone's come over my pad for a random chat.
*Tidies place up a bit frantically*
Fancy a cuppa smiley - tea?

Are you sympathetic towards my grievance with Maidenhead? As I notice your Berkshire connection from your wonderfully colourful page.

I also can't help but ask about your fascination with the French Horn and the Organ.

Very nice to meet you Princess. Feel free to drop by for a smiley - ale or a smiley - tea any time.

smiley - cheers and smiley - peacesign


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I'd love a cup of smiley - tea. Have some smiley - cake too!

I dont understand the organ or French Horn facination either. It's kinda scary. Completley random!

Don't worry about tidying, I can do it with my wand..


Is that better??

smiley - fairy


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

Great Job - Thanks
You're welcome anytime.

Lovely smiley - cake Mmmm.

You seem well apt in the way of the fairy. Is that what you get from A-levels nowadays? In fact, is that why they're A-S levels?


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I don't have a clue- the fairy just keeps me sane! I wore my wings to school yesterday. It just brightens things up a bit, I suppose! (plus on h2g2 it is really helpful to be able to do things like that! The Bar is just getting ridiculous!)

Actually, I think that is all that I've got from A-levels. I certainly haven't had any other good things. I'm sick of them now!

More smiley - cake?


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

I think if I have any more smiley - cake I may lose my well-toned and highly balanced figure, that I have spent a long time cultivating through excesses of one sort or another.
Go on then - lurvly smiley - cake
Typical students though - in the Bar before 9:00 in the morning. smiley - biggrin
*has general whinge about taxpayers money, etc. etc.*

I wouldn't worry too much about the A-levels, It can't be too much longer now, and besides I found them more difficult than the degree I managed to fit in around daytime telly, and far too much smiley - ale.

V early in the morning though - need smiley - coffee, can I get you smiley - tea or smiley - coffee?


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A smiley - tea please.

I can't wait to get to Uni, and not have to do maths of PHYSICS ever again (well, within reason...)..

I'll get through it, but that'll be what it is... a hard slog. Ah well, such is life.

Physics calls...

*hastily grabs one more slice of smiley - chocsmiley - cake before running for the door*


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

*Still necking far too much smiley - coffee in order to get through a dull friday at work*

I have to admire your bravery at taking on physics AND maths. I tried just maths and failed miserably, an ungraded was my reward for 2 years skipping lessons and smoking smiley - puff in the car park with my mates smiley - flyhi

Still I suppose that explains it a little bit doesn't it. smiley - biggrin

*Warning - Old Fart Speech*
Enjoy your days at university, you don't appreciate quite how good it is until you leave and have to get a crappy job. I've only just left (last summer) and now...............well less said the better smiley - sadface

More smiley - tea?


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Always room for more smiley - tea. Yeah, I'm sure that these are good days, what with no job, less responsibility etc. I just wish I could have less work and enjoy them a bit more. It's a joke that they call half-term a holiday. I'm going to be working just as hard! Ah well. I'm hoping that Uni is going to be good. I'll finally be able to devote myself to my music which is what I want to do; wayhey!!!


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

*Swigs smiley - coffee*
smiley - wow You seem very keen on your music.
How long have you been playing for? I'm also intrigued, when you say you are going to devote more time to music, do you write your own music, or do you just mean in terms of practice?

It must be great playing in an orchestra - do you get to play all the old classical stuff?

In terms of the amount of work you've got at the moment, just think of that wonderful day when you walk out of your last exam straight into the nearest pub.
*Starts daydreaming about how a nice pint of smiley - ale would go down a treat*

Anyway, more smiley - cake, smiley - tea? Or something stronger maybe?


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Maybe a smiley - stiffdrink to keep me through 'till the end of today... them half-term (so i won't be online until the 19th!! smiley - cry)

I've been playing the clarinet for nearly nine years, and i'm hoping to take one of the Trinity College Diplomas in the summer. I sing, too and between these two things my life is very, very full!

Being able to devote more time basically means i can cut out all the other stuff that gets in the way of me baing able to practice and stuff! I love practicing, performing, dorecting, and anything else. Composition I'm not too hot on, though my last composition wasn't too bad. I'm better at performing.

Ah the last exam... I just can't wait!


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Directing, not dorecting. Never heard of that occupation...


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

I'll definitely drink to that - smiley - stiffdrink.
In fact I think I'll have another smiley - stiffdrink
9 years - That's pretty good going really. I have a serious lack of dedication to anything to be honest, except my beloved THFC. smiley - loveblushsmiley - laugh Although I have now been doing this Bushido now for quite a number of months, but I don't practice as much as I should for that even.

The Trinity College Diploma, is that the equivalent of a degree in music? I think one of my friends got one of those from Guildford Institute of music - is that the same thing do you know?

Anyway, going to try and nip off for my lunch now. If I don't hear from you again - enjoy your half-term, and don't work too hard. smiley - biggrin

smiley - cheers All the Best smiley - cheers


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I'm back again. Took me a while... sorry...

So, how has Maidenhead been? As usual? Ah, I thought so.

Those diplomas, by the way aren't a degree thing (that's what I'm doing next year), they're just for performance. But it might mean that I get initials after my name!

How are you keeping?


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

Hello Again - Hope you are well.

I'd like to say how brilliant things have been lately, but just been kind of plodding along y'know.

I don't actually live in Maidenhead btw, I have never even been there properly before. I just have an association in my head of one time on the train, when it was delayed and it was the only train I could catch home. I was sat in the corridor, and thousands of suits came on, and they all looked identical, and they all wore the same clothes, spoke the same way, and had the same mobile phones, etc. THEY ALL GOT OFF AT MAIDENHEAD. Since that day I have carried an irrational dislike of the town and its residents. Although, you could spread the same idea to all the soulless satellite towns that have sprung up in the last 40 odd years, of which I live in one.

Sorry for the rant, and sorry also if you live in Maidenhead. Judging from your page, you must live quite near, being in the Berkshire orchestra, etc. I grew up in Berkshire and I know that everywhere is pretty close to each other.

Well thanks for getting back in touch - I'm going for a Harry Rag, and then some lunch.

smiley - cheers - GWL


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I'm not actually from Berkshire, I'm an Oxforshireite really. I happened to go to school in Berkshire (it's only about three miles away as the crow flies) and so my music grew up around that. Maidenhead is where I go to get my clarinet repaired. Erm... that's about it, really. It just seems really quite dull as I was wondering through it. But there you go.

May I ask what a Harry Rag is? It's got my curiosity going!



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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

I didn't know myself until I heard a song with that as the title. It's by the Kinks - I recommend you hear it - very good song.

But anyway - Harry Rag is cockney rhyming slang - for fag. I was going for a smoke. Nothing exciting I'm afraid. I'd be interested as to what you thought it might've meant though. smiley - smiley

Well I wouldn't worry too much about being an Oxfordshireite, we all have our problems I suppose smiley - winkeye
Two of the people in my office are from Oxfordshire (over Abingdon way), and they don't smell THAT bad smiley - winkeyesmiley - biggrinsmiley - tongueout

Stay well - GWL smiley - smiley


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Thanks for that . We have Christchurch Cathedral so it cannot be that bad!


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I didn't have a clue what Harry Rag was- that was why I was so curious!


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

Hope you don't mind the banter. I never had anything against Oxford until some guys from there I met at university started dishing it out about my current place of residence.
After that I've been kind of on the defensive from people from Oxford, and besides, there's nothing wrong with a healthy bit of local town rivalry is there? smiley - smiley

Must Dash - GWL smiley - cheers
*nips out for another Harry Rag - , *

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